How to Unlock Closed Chests and Doors in GreedFall

A guide and walkthrough for GreedFall

If you want to know how to open locked doors and treasure chests in GreedFall, this guide will provide you with the necessary information. In order to open them, you need to have the lockpicking ability, which can be developed as you progress through the game.

  • How to open a locked chest or door?
  • An alternative method of finding the key

How to open a locked chest or door?

Not all chests and doors in the game are locked. You can tell if they are locked by approaching them to see their security level, which can be first, second, or third level.

In GreedFall, you don\’t need to use lockpicks. Instead, you need to have the Lockpicking talent available. You can unlock the first level of this talent from the beginning of the game when creating a new character. If you choose other starting talents, don\’t worry, you can still unlock the lockpicking ability once you reach a high enough level and earn a new talent point.

The Lockpicking talent has 3 levels, each responsible for disarming more complex locks. You will encounter more challenging locks in later game locations.

You can increase your lockpicking ability by equipping equipment with appropriate statistics. You can find or buy the right equipment, or craft it yourself.

In the example above, we crafted an improvement related to the purse on the character\’s coat, which increased the Lockpicking talent by 1 point temporarily. Note that such bonuses only work when the character is equipped with the item that provides the lockpicking bonus.

To make it easier to open all the locked chests and passages in the game\’s prologue (city of Serene), you can take off Kurt\’s default armor and wear it yourself. Kurt must then receive another armor, as he cannot travel with an empty armor slot. Kurt\’s armor (Blue-Silver Soldier\’s Doublet) adds 1 point to Lockpicking, which can be helpful.

An alternative method of finding the key

You don\’t always need to use lockpicking, as you can sometimes find the key. Keys are usually located in the same areas as chests or doors and can be found in plain sight or obtained from a corpse of an eliminated character.


1. How do I unlock closed chests in GreedFall?

In GreedFall, closed chests can be unlocked by finding the corresponding key or by using the lockpicking skill. Keys can often be found by searching the surrounding area or by defeating enemies. To use lockpicking, approach the chest and hold down the interact button. A mini-game will appear where you must rotate the lockpick to find the correct position for each tumbler. Be careful not to break the lockpick or you will need to find or buy a new one.

2. Are there any other ways to unlock closed doors in GreedFall?

Some closed doors in GreedFall require a specific key, while others can be unlocked by using the Science skill to solve a puzzle or by finding a hidden lever. Keep an eye out for clues in the environment or on notes left by NPCs. Some doors may also require a higher level of Lockpicking or Science skill to unlock.

3. What should I do if I can\’t find the key or can\’t unlock the chest or door?

If you are unable to find the key or successfully unlock the chest or door, it is possible that the item inside is part of a quest or storyline. Check your quest log or speak with NPCs to see if there is a specific task or objective that needs to be completed before the chest or door can be opened. If all else fails, you may need to come back at a later time when you have acquired better skills or equipment.

4. Can closed chests or doors be permanently locked?

In some cases, closed chests or doors may be permanently locked and unable to be opened. This is usually a sign that the item inside is not essential to the storyline or progression of the game. However, it is also possible that the item inside may be accessible through a different route or by completing a specific task or puzzle.

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