How to Save Dukes Life in Metro Exodus

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Artyom will be accompanied by Duke in the Volga, a man who is quick to fight and likes to act recklessly. This chapter in our Metro Exodus guide will teach you how you can help Duke survive his visit to the Volga.

How to Keep Duke Alive in Metro Exodus?

There are three crucial choices that will determine the ending of the Volga chapter. To ensure Duke\’s survival, you need to:

  • Escape from the church without being noticed. After swimming into the church, reach the upper floor. When the guards start knocking on the door, escape through the window. You must then sneak and stun the enemies, reach the boat, and swim away.
  • Steal the boat without killing the traders. Sneak up on the traders and stun them. Steal the boat without killing anyone.
  • Reach the cult leader without killing any of his men. Inside the cult leader\’s headquarters, focus on sneaking. Reach the leader without being noticed and avoid killing anyone with your knife as it will have a negative impact on the ending.

By following these steps, you will earn the Duke trophy/achievement, and Duke and Artyom will escape to the Aurora at the end of the chapter.


1. What is the importance of Duke\’s life in Metro Exodus?

Duke is a prominent character in Metro Exodus, and his role in the story is quite significant. He is a loyal and brave member of the Aurora crew, and his vast knowledge and experience help the team survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic world. Additionally, Duke is a friend to the protagonist, Artyom, and his death can have a significant impact on Artyom\’s mental state and the overall story\’s direction.

2. What are the things I need to do to save Duke\’s life?

The key to saving Duke\’s life in Metro Exodus is to keep him warm, as he suffers from a heart condition that makes him susceptible to cold temperatures. To do this, you need to find and collect some winter clothing, which can be found in various locations in the game. You can also use the heater on the Aurora train to keep Duke warm during the journey. Finally, you need to avoid exposing Duke to radiation, as this can also worsen his condition and potentially lead to his death.

3. What happens if Duke dies in Metro Exodus?

If Duke dies in Metro Exodus, it can have significant consequences on the story and the game\’s ending. For example, Duke\’s death can lead to a more tragic ending, where Artyom becomes more disillusioned and bitter towards the world. Additionally, Duke\’s death can also impact the other characters\’ relationships and their motivations for continuing the journey. Finally, losing Duke can make the game\’s ending more challenging, as his skills and knowledge can be crucial in certain situations.

4. Is it possible to save Duke\’s life in all playthroughs of Metro Exodus?

No, it is not always possible to save Duke\’s life in all playthroughs of Metro Exodus. Some players may find it difficult to keep Duke warm or avoid radiation exposure, leading to his death. Additionally, some choices and actions in the game can also impact Duke\’s fate, making it harder to save him in certain playthroughs. Therefore, players need to be careful and strategic in their decisions if they want to save Duke\’s life in Metro Exodus.

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