How to Safeguard Poison Ivys Plant from Enemy Military Forces | Main Story

Batman: AK Guide

In this section of our Batman: Arkham Knight game guide, we\’ll explain how to protect Poison Ivy\’s plant from enemy military forces, along with some useful tips on how to overcome a new group of bandits.

Get rid of all enemies on the rooftop

Prepare for another mandatory battle that requires you to eliminate all the enemies on the rooftop of a building near Batman\’s current location. It\’s best to surprise them if you can, and take your time with the task. Start by taking out the enemy medic, so that he won\’t be able to electrify his friends\’ armor. Be cautious of the heavy soldier, who can be defeated using the Beatdown skill. After the battle, you\’ll have conversations with Poison Ivy and Alfred.


1. What is Poison Ivy\’s plant?

Poison Ivy\’s plant is a fictional plant from the comic book series Batman. The plant is known for its ability to cause extreme itching and rash in those who come into contact with it. In the comics, Poison Ivy uses the plant as a weapon to incapacitate her enemies.

2. Why are military forces after Poison Ivy\’s plant?

In the main story, military forces are after Poison Ivy\’s plant because they believe it has the potential to be used as a biological weapon. They want to capture the plant and use it for their own purposes, which could have devastating consequences for the world.

3. How can Poison Ivy protect her plant from the military forces?

Poison Ivy can protect her plant by using her powers of plant manipulation to create a barrier around it. She can also use her knowledge of plants to create traps and obstacles that will deter the military forces from getting too close. Additionally, she can team up with other superheroes to fight off the military forces and protect her plant.

4. What are the potential consequences if the military forces get their hands on Poison Ivy\’s plant?

The potential consequences of the military forces obtaining Poison Ivy\’s plant are dire. They could use it as a biological weapon, causing widespread harm and destruction. The plant\’s unique properties could also be studied and replicated, leading to further development of dangerous biological weapons. It is important that Poison Ivy and her allies do everything in their power to keep the plant out of the wrong hands.

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