How to Restore Relics in My Time at Sandrock

If you\’re playing My Time at Sandrock, you\’ll encounter many remnants of the Old World. Among them are Relics, but you\’ll usually only find fragments. In this guide, we\’ll show you how to recreate Relics from fragments and how to display them in the museum.

This guide covers Relics, including how to find and restore them, how to exhibit them at the Museum, and the rewards you can get for doing so.

  • Where to find relic fragments?
  • How to restore Relics?
  • What to do with Relics?
  • How to display exhibits at the Museum?
  • Rewards for exhibits

Where to Find Relic Fragments

You can find Relic fragments in two locations:

  1. Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins – southeast of the workshop. You can access this location after completing the Picking Up the Slack main quest.
  2. Gecko Station – west of Sandrock. You can only access these ruins after completing the In Trusses we Trust main quest.

You can extract these fragments while digging with any Pickhammer. The scanner indicates their locations with yellow rhombus icons.

How to Restore Relics

You can restore Relics at the Museum with the Relic Restoration Machine. The machine is located to the right of the entrance, in the back of the room. To restore a Relic, you\’ll need:

  1. All parts of the Relic – from 2 to 5 elements, depending on the item.
  2. A certain number of Data Discs, depending on the type of Relic.

Once you have gathered all the materials, select the correct Relic in the Relic Restoration Machine menu and press \”Restore\”.

What to Do with Relics

Relics have several uses:

  1. Exhibit – placing a Relic on a shelf, table, or platform will earn you Reputation Points depending on the size and type of item.
  2. Gift – Relics can be given to residents of Sandrock, and if you give the right item to the right person, you\’ll receive a boost in Relationship Points. Fang does not accept gifts.
  3. Furniture – Relics can be displayed in your home, providing bonuses to various statistics.

How to Display Exhibits at the Museum

Once you\’ve recreated the Relic, approach the spot in the Museum where you want to place the item. Remember that the size of the object needs to match the display type.

You can only display small items on the shelves.

On the tables, you can place medium-sized exhibits.

Large items can be displayed on the platforms in the middle.

Rewards for Exhibits

When you donate a restored Relic or other item to the museum, you\’ll receive between 10 and 25 Reputation Points. When you donate several exhibits, you\’ll start receiving rewards. To claim your rewards, approach the counter on the left side of the room.

The rewards that can be claimed include a Floral Casual Wristband (an accessory), 50 EXP, 5 Reputation, and 5 Relationship with Catori for 3 Relics. For 5 Relics, the rewards are a Desert Defender Waist Bag (an accessory), 100 EXP, 10 Reputation, and 6 Relationship with Catori. If you have 10 Relics, you can claim a Techno Table (furniture), 140 EXP, 14 Reputation, and 7 Relationship with Catori. A Funky Explorer Scarf (an accessory), 160 EXP, 16 Reputation, and 8 Relationship with Catori can be claimed for 20 Relics. If you have 30 Relics, you can claim a Relic Restoration Machine (a device), 180 EXP, 18 Reputation, and 9 Relationship with Catori. For 40 Relics, the rewards are a Four Leaf Clover Necklace (an accessory), 200 EXP, 20 Reputation, and 10 Relationship with Catori. Additionally, for every 5 Relics beyond 40, you can claim Gols x500, 300 EXP, 30 Reputation, and 10 Relationship with Catori.


1. How do I find relics in My Time at Sandrock?

To find relics in My Time at Sandrock, you need to explore abandoned ruins. You can find clues about the location of the ruins from the NPCs or by completing quests. Once you find a ruin, you need to use your pickaxe to break through the entrance and search for relics. Relics are scattered throughout the ruins, so you need to explore thoroughly to find them.

2. How do I restore relics?

To restore relics in My Time at Sandrock, you need to first gather all the necessary materials. Each relic requires different materials to restore it to its original state. You can find the material requirements by examining the relic in your inventory. Once you have all the materials, you need to take the relic to the restoration machine in the Research Center and follow the instructions to restore it.

3. How do I use restored relics?

Restored relics in My Time at Sandrock have various uses. Some relics can be sold for a high price, while others can be used to upgrade your equipment or unlock new areas. Some relics can also be used to start quests or complete missions. Make sure to read the description of each restored relic to understand its use.

4. Can relics be damaged or destroyed?

No, once you have restored a relic in My Time at Sandrock, it cannot be damaged or destroyed. However, relics that have not been restored can be damaged or destroyed if you take them into battle or use them for other purposes. Make sure to restore the relics as soon as possible to avoid damaging them.

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