How to Quickly Increase Your Town Rank in Coral Island?

If you\’re a beginner in Coral Island, you might want to know how to increase your town rank. This guide will give you an overview of what town rank is and how to quickly improve it.

  • What is town rank?
  • Why is town rank important to increase?
  • How to quickly increase town rank?

What is Town Rank?

Town rank is a rating system given to your town in Coral Island. Starlet town starts with the lowest rank, F, and the highest rank is SS. You can check your current rank on the board in the Community Center.

Why is Town Rank Important to Increase?

Increasing your town rank allows you to unlock new items in the stores, such as seeds, clothes, and buildings. If you want to progress in the game and develop your farm, you need to focus on improving your town rank.

How to Quickly Increase Town Rank?

There are several ways to increase your town rank quickly:

  1. Diving – activate Solar orbs to dive and explore the ocean.
  2. Museum – unlock the museum and donate various artifacts and insects.
  3. Offerings – make offerings to the goddess from various plants to regain her strength.


1. What is Coral Island?

Coral Island is a life simulation game where players develop their own island town. The game offers various activities, such as farming, fishing, and mining, to earn resources and build structures. As players progress, they can unlock new features and increase the rank of their town.

2. Why is it important to increase town rank?

Increasing town rank unlocks new buildings, upgrades, and features that help players progress further in the game. For example, a higher rank allows players to build a museum, which helps attract more tourists and earn more money. It also unlocks new crops, fish, and minerals, which can be sold for more profit.

3. What are some ways to quickly increase town rank?

One effective way to increase town rank is to focus on completing quests and achievements. These tasks offer rewards that can be used to build new structures and upgrade existing ones. Players can also participate in festivals and competitions, which offer a chance to earn more resources and improve their town\’s reputation.

4. Are there any tips for managing resources while increasing town rank?

It\’s important to balance resource management while increasing town rank. Players should prioritize building structures that offer the most benefits and generate the highest profit. They should also focus on growing crops and catching fish that are in high demand, as these offer the best returns. Finally, players should aim to keep their town\’s population happy by building structures that meet their needs, such as parks and restaurants.

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