How to Protect Yourself from Temperature in Breathedge

Learn how to protect yourself from critically high and low temperatures in Breathedge with this guide and walkthrough.

While low temperatures are not too dangerous, heat can be fatal for your character. To avoid the effects of temperature, you need to find the Engineering Suit using the Research table in your base. This suit is different from the Electrical Engineer\’s Suit and is available in chapter 2 of the main storyline.

Colder temperatures may affect visibility, but they are not life-threatening.

The Engineering Suit provides protection against overheating and allows you to collect Lycoplasma. It is colored orange and black and must be worn to benefit from its effects. However, it does not protect you from electricity, so it is recommended to wear the suit only when necessary. As it takes up a lot of space in your inventory, it is best kept in your base. To craft the suit, you will need resin, aluminum x2, and a roll of fabric.


What is Temperature in Breathedge and how does it affect the player?

In Breathedge, Temperature is a gameplay mechanic that simulates the harsh conditions of space. The player\’s character is constantly exposed to extreme temperatures that can cause damage or even death. When the character\’s body temperature drops too low, they will start to freeze, and when the temperature rises too high, they will overheat. Both of these conditions can lead to a loss of health and eventually death. Temperature is affected by many factors in the game, such as the environment, the player\’s actions, and the equipment they are using.

What are some ways to protect yourself from extreme temperatures in Breathedge?

There are several ways to protect yourself from extreme temperatures in Breathedge. One of the most important is to wear appropriate clothing that can regulate your body temperature. The player can craft different types of suits and helmets that provide various levels of protection from cold and heat. They can also use heating and cooling devices like heat packs and air conditioners to maintain a comfortable temperature. Another option is to build a base with climate control systems that can regulate the temperature in a specific area. Finally, players can avoid extreme temperatures altogether by planning their movements carefully and avoiding dangerous areas with extreme temperature fluctuations.

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