How to Play Iron Giant in MultiVersus?

A guide to MultiVersus with tips on playing Iron Giant, a tank character with the largest size in the game. This guide describes the best perks and offers advice on how to utilize Iron Giant when fighting other players or AI-controlled opponents.

  • General tips
  • Signature Perks
  • Recommended build
  • How to win as the Iron Giant?

General tips

The Iron Giant\’s size can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Here are some tips to get the most out of it:

  1. As the heaviest character in the game, Iron Giant is challenging to ring out by knocking him away sideways or upwards. The most likely way to defeat him is to attack him so he falls down a pit.
  2. Iron Giant can\’t double jump like other characters, but he can fly with his rocket boots. However, he can\’t do it indefinitely, so keep an eye on the fuel level to avoid accidentally eliminating yourself.
  3. Collecting items is crucial when playing as Iron Giant. He eats every item he picks up, gaining additional bolts. The more bolts you have (five at most), the more grey health your allies will receive from you. You can grant grey health by activating a shield with your Neutral Special.
  4. Replenishing bolts always takes the same amount of time, so don\’t use any perks reducing cooldowns.
  5. Your Up Special lets you spin a car around yourself. Unfortunately, due to the Giant\’s size, this move can usually only hit enemies high up in the air. It is possible to aim it lower though. While inputting the Down Special button combination, quickly tilt the analog stick down to spin the car lower.
  6. The Giant can enter rage mode during battle. His rage bar fills up by dealing damage or when your ally takes damage. Once it\’s full, use your Neutral Special to transform and gain a new moveset. You exit rage mode after a few seconds or once you run out of grey health.
  7. The Iron Giant interacts with walls differently than other characters. Instead of sliding down, he sticks to walls and can serve as a temporary platform for his allies. This can sometimes save your allies while resetting their aerial capabilities.
  8. Giving your ally grey health rewards you with thorns. If an enemy attacks you while they\’re active, they\’ll take some damage as well.

Signature Perks

The Iron Giant has access to 3 Signature Perks. The first is Afterburners. Your rocket boots (Aerial Down Attack) set the ground on fire, creating two firewalls.

The second is Wrong Side of the Bed. When entering the arena (at the start of the battle and when respawning) you start with the rage meter partially filled.

The third perk is called Static Discharge. It allows you to stack thorns for every different source of grey health. Basically, every time you give grey health to an ally in a new way, you\’ll receive more thorns, which will deal more damage to enemies who attack you.

Out of the three perks, Afterburners is the most reliable, as it increases the damage potential of your Aerial Down Attack, which you\’ll be using often. Wrong Side of the Bed doesn\’t give you enough rage to be of much use. Static Discharge rewards you for taking damage, but the extra thorns aren\’t that impactful.

Recommended Build

This build focuses on making the Giant harder to hit and increasing damage output with Afterburners:

  1. School Me Once… – a defensive perk that grants a projectile block buff for two seconds after being knocked back by a projectile. The duration increases to four seconds when stacked. The Iron Giant is a large and slow target, making this perk essential for defending against ranged attacks.
  2. Slippery Customer – a defensive bonus that increases dodge invulnerability window by 10% for your team. When an ally also chooses this perk, the bonus increases to 15%. This is important due to the Giant\’s size and vulnerability. A longer dodge window is a great choice for this character.
  3. Fancy Footwork – a utility perk that increases dodge distance by 5%. The bonus increases to 10% when stacked with an ally. This perk enhances your dodging abilities, making it a useful choice alongside Slippery Customer.

How to Win as the Iron Giant?

Your Side Attack can be used to counter enemy pressure effectively. The combo is difficult to escape and has a long range, making it relatively safe to use.

By keeping your distance, you can use the Up Attack to fire projectiles that turn into bolts when they hit the ground. Try to pick up the bolts to enhance your Neutral Special.

The more bolts you collect, the more grey health your ally will receive when they touch you. Moreover, each bolt acts as additional armor. Armor-breaking attacks won\’t work against it either. After activating your bolts, start playing aggressively.

Your Aerial Down Attack is also useful. Use it to set enemies on fire and deal damage over time. With the Afterburners signature perk, you can create two firewalls. Anyone standing in or passing through them will be seriously hurt.

Your Down Special allows the Giant to brace for a powerful jump. After a brief moment, you\’ll land in the designated place on the arena (as shown above). Enemies can also see where you\’ll land. Use this to your advantage by steering the Giant in mid-air to change your landing spot.

When your rage bar is full, activate the Neutral Special to enter rage mode, granting an entirely new moveset.

In this form, you have grey health and automatic bolt armor. You can fire plasma missiles that stun enemies after hitting them.

If The Iron Giant enters rage mode, it can use a variety of fast-cooldown projectiles. Additionally, it can use its Up Special move to electrify itself, causing any enemies that touch it to take damage over time.


1. What is MultiVersus: Iron Giant?

MultiVersus: Iron Giant is a multiplayer fighting game that features characters from different universes. It is based on the popular animated movie Iron Giant and allows players to choose from a range of characters such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to fight against each other in multiplayer battles.

2. How do I play the game?

To start playing MultiVersus: Iron Giant, you need to first select your preferred character. Once you have chosen your character, you will be taken to the game lobby where you can join a public or private room to play against other players. The game has two modes – Versus and Team Versus. In Versus mode, you fight against one other player while in Team Versus, you fight against a team of players. The objective is to defeat your opponent(s) and emerge as the winner.

3. What are the controls for the game?

The controls for MultiVersus: Iron Giant are simple and easy to learn. You can move your character using the arrow keys and jump using the spacebar. To attack, you can use the A, S, and D keys. The A key is for a light attack, the S key is for a heavy attack and the D key is for a special attack. You can also block attacks by pressing the W key.

4. Are there any tips to improve my gameplay?

Yes, there are several tips that can help you improve your gameplay in MultiVersus: Iron Giant. Firstly, it is important to master your character\’s moves and attacks. Spend some time in the training mode to learn all the moves and combos. Secondly, try to anticipate your opponent\’s moves and counter them. Finally, don\’t forget to use your special attacks wisely as they can deal a lot of damage and turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

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