How to Obtain New Blueprints in Breathedge

Learn how to acquire new blueprints to craft items using the processor in Breathedge with this guide.

In Breathedge, crafting new items is important for survival. You will need to create tools, ship parts, and food. To be able to craft new items, you must know their blueprints and gather the required parts. There are three ways to obtain blueprints:

  1. Collecting new resources, items, and materials- some simple blueprints can be learned just by picking up items and bringing them back to your capsule.
  2. As part of the story progression – certain blueprints will become available via the computer as you progress in the game.
  3. By scanning new items- once you have the scanner, you can scan new objects to obtain their blueprints. Scan everything you can to unlock even entire station elements. See the Blueprints chapter of the guide for a list of items to scan.

At the start of the game, you will need to craft most basic items using the processor on your table.

To obtain the scanner early on, head to the part of the ship below your capsule. The entrance is blocked, but the scanner is located to the right of the door.

Check the scanner attached to the door to receive its blueprint and unlock the door leading inside the ruins. Return to your base and craft your first scanner using common materials. Note that like other tools, the scanner has a stamina level and will need to be replaced eventually.


1. How can I obtain new blueprints in Breathedge?

In order to obtain new blueprints in Breathedge, you need to explore different areas and containers throughout the game. Blueprints can be found in various locations such as abandoned ships, asteroid fields, and even on the surface of different planets. You can also get blueprints by completing certain quests or by trading items with other survivors. It\’s important to keep exploring and looting different areas in order to find new blueprints and upgrade your equipment.

2. Can I trade for new blueprints in Breathedge?

Yes, you can trade with other survivors in order to obtain new blueprints in Breathedge. You can find survivors in different locations throughout the game, and they will often have items that you can trade for. Some survivors will have blueprints that you can purchase or trade for, so it\’s important to keep an eye out for them. Trading can be a great way to obtain rare or hard-to-find blueprints, so be sure to explore all options when it comes to obtaining new equipment.

3. Are there any specific quests that reward new blueprints in Breathedge?

Yes, there are certain quests that will reward you with new blueprints in Breathedge. These quests can be found by talking to different survivors or by exploring different areas of the game. Some quests will require you to gather specific items or complete certain objectives in order to receive the blueprint reward. It\’s important to pay attention to quest details and to complete them in order to obtain new blueprints and progress through the game.

4. What should I do if I can\’t find any new blueprints in Breathedge?

If you\’re having trouble finding new blueprints in Breathedge, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure that you\’re exploring all areas of the game and looting all containers and objects that you come across. It\’s also important to complete quests and trade with other survivors in order to obtain rare blueprints. If you\’re still having trouble, you may want to consider researching the blueprints that you already have in order to unlock new ones. This can be done at the research table, and it can help you to unlock new equipment and upgrades.

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