How to Obtain Lycoplasma in Breathedge

If you\’re playing Breathedge and need to build high-energy items such as the ZAZ-1 vehicle or the Blaster, or unlock advanced blueprints, you\’ll need to find Lycoplasma. Here\’s how to get it.

Lycoplasma is an elusive resource in Breathedge, but it can be found. At the beginning of chapter two, head to the asteroid with the cave and look for a small vehicle wreck to the front and slightly to the left. You\’ll find a safe here, which can be opened with the smuggler\’s eye from the first chapter. Inside the safe, you\’ll find two Lycoplasmas.

If you need more Lycoplasma, you\’ll have to go to the magma zone. Use the Grabber on the plasma balls to collect the resource. However, you\’ll first need to discover and build the Engineering Suit using the Research table in your base. The suit requires resin, two pieces of aluminum, and a roll of fabric. You won\’t obtain the engineering suit as part of the main plot, so you\’ll have to research and build it yourself. The suit will protect you from extreme temperatures.


1. What is Lycoplasma in Breathedge?

Lycoplasma is a resource in the game Breathedge, which is a survival game set in outer space. The resource is used for crafting and upgrading certain items, such as the Multitool, the Fabricator, and the Bioreactor. Lycoplasma is a blue, glowing substance that can be found in certain areas of the game, such as the Medical Bay and the Morgue.

2. Where can I find Lycoplasma in Breathedge?

Lycoplasma can be found in several areas of the game, including the Medical Bay and the Morgue. You can also find Lycoplasma in certain containers, such as Medical Kits and Morgue Lockers. To increase your chances of finding Lycoplasma, you can use the Multitool to open locked containers and explore areas thoroughly.

3. How do I collect Lycoplasma in Breathedge?

To collect Lycoplasma in Breathedge, you need to use the Multitool to break open containers or interact with objects that contain the resource. Once you have collected Lycoplasma, it will be added to your inventory and can be used for crafting and upgrading items.

4. What can I use Lycoplasma for in Breathedge?

Lycoplasma is a valuable resource in Breathedge, as it can be used for crafting and upgrading certain items. For example, you can use Lycoplasma to upgrade the Fabricator, which allows you to craft more advanced items. You can also use Lycoplasma to build a Bioreactor, which can be used to create organic matter for crafting and upgrading items. In addition, Lycoplasma is required for some quests in the game, so it\’s important to collect as much as you can.

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