How to Obtain Jacques Neckers Echoes in Steelrising

If you\’re looking to obtain Jacques Necker\’s Echoes in Steelrising, follow our walkthrough guide below.

To get the Echoes, you will need to complete the quest To Les Invalides. By obtaining the Echoes, you will be able to rescue the former treasurer of France.

Jacques Necker was a treasurer of France who was dismissed in a violent manner. You can find his Echoes during the quest To Les Invalides by following the guide below.

  • The Bells of Sainte-Marie
  • Forever Separated
  • Sacrilegious Thoughts

The Bells of Sainte-Marie

To obtain this Echo, look for the wheel of a destroyed wagon. You will come across it immediately after the section where you need to jump on crates to get over the fence and after defeating the Master Chef.

Forever Separated

This Echo can be found on the steps of the Saint-Marie church, right in front of the main entrance.

Sacrilegious Thoughts

During the To Les Invalides quest, you will need to cross a river without a bridge, using the Selenite Momentum. Once you are on the other side, enter the building and reach the square. The last Echo can be found in the left corner just before the fight with the Titan.


What is Steelrising: Jacques Necker – Echoes?

Steelrising: Jacques Necker – Echoes is a collectible in the video game Steelrising, developed by Spiders and published by Nacon. This collectible can be found throughout the game and is part of the overall lore and story of Steelrising. Jacques Necker was a real-life politician and finance minister in 18th century France, and in the game, his echoes are scattered throughout the world for players to find and collect.

How do I get Steelrising: Jacques Necker – Echoes?

There are several ways to get Steelrising: Jacques Necker – Echoes in the game. You can find them scattered throughout the world, hidden in various locations or as rewards for completing certain quests or tasks. Some echoes may also be obtained by defeating certain enemies or bosses in the game. It\’s important to explore the world thoroughly and keep an eye out for any hidden objects or areas that may contain echoes. Additionally, some echoes may only be available in certain areas or at certain points in the game, so be sure to keep track of your progress and revisit areas if needed.

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