How to Obtain Gold in GreedFall

A Guide to Walkthrough GreedFall

Just like in any open-world game, gold is essential in GreedFall. You can obtain gold in various ways and use it to purchase necessary items such as weapons and potions to keep your character always prepared for battles.

  • Completing Quests
  • Looting the Opponents
  • Opening Chests
  • Selling Items and Goods
  • What Can You Buy?

Completing Quests

GreedFall offers a quest system that rewards you with experience points and cash upon completion. The amount of reward depends on the complexity of the quest. Additionally, you earn reputation points as well.

Looting the Opponents

After defeating your opponents, you can loot their pockets and find small amounts of money. You can also get armor items, raw materials, and potions this way.

It\’s a good way to collect items and resources that can be used later in the game.

Opening Chests

You can find chests all around the game world, and the ones you can open will shine with a golden color. These chests contain money, potions, raw materials, and weapons; the quality of items depends on the complexity of the lock.

To open the locks in the game, you need to invest in Lockpicking talent. It allows you to explore the closed spaces and obtain more raw materials.

First Level

You can open simple locks.

Second Level

You can open complex locks and disarm enemy traps to obtain more materials.

Third Level

You become invulnerable to any traps left by opponents.

Selling Items and Goods

You can sell resources or items that you don\’t need at any time. The currency you earn can be used to buy new things.

What Can You Buy?

Merchants offer a range of items such as weapons, armor, raw materials, and potions. You can develop your character\’s skills and improve their combat skills with these items.


What is GreedFall: Gold?

GreedFall: Gold is the in-game currency in the GreedFall role-playing video game. It is used to purchase various items, weapons, and accessories that help players to progress through the game.

How can I collect GreedFall: Gold?

There are several ways to collect GreedFall: Gold. Completing quests and defeating enemies is the most common way to earn Gold. You can also find Gold by looting chests and containers scattered throughout the game world. Additionally, selling items you no longer need can also net you some extra Gold.

Are there any tips for collecting more GreedFall: Gold?

Yes, there are some tips that can help you collect more GreedFall: Gold. First, make sure to complete as many quests as possible, as they often reward you with a large amount of Gold. Second, focus on defeating enemies, especially bosses, as they often drop valuable items that can be sold for Gold. Finally, upgrade your skills and equipment to make combat easier, which will allow you to defeat enemies more efficiently and collect more Gold in less time.

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