How to Obtain Crafting Materials in AC Odyssey

If you want to upgrade your weapons and armor in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey, you need crafting materials. Without these resources, it can be difficult to defeat enemies and complete quests. This guide will provide you with information on the types of crafting materials available in the game and how to acquire them.

  • Overview of Crafting Materials
  • How to Find Resources
  • The Silver Mine – A Valuable Resource
  • Types of Crafting Materials

Overview of Crafting Materials

The game features six types of crafting materials – Soft Leather, Iron Metal, Olive Wood, Ancient Tablets, Obsidian Glass, and Precious Gems. You can check your supplies by visiting a blacksmith or pausing the game. Resources are not limited, so collect as much as you can to avoid running out when you need them most.

Traveling at night can help you spot resources more easily, even without using the Revelation ability.

How to Find Resources

You can obtain crafting materials by searching containers and looting the bodies of your enemies. The Revelation ability can help you locate resources and other interactive objects around you. Look for war supplies similar to those presented in the picture above. Search them before you burn the supplies to maximize your haul.

You can also buy crafting materials from blacksmiths, although they can be expensive. Purchase only what you need to upgrade your gear. If a blacksmith doesn\’t have what you need, try leaving and returning to the location to see if their inventory changes.

Dismantling weapons and armor is another way to obtain resources. Regular (grey) items are not worth much and should be dismantled. Keep colored items, as they are more useful.

The Silver Mine – A Valuable Resource

The Silver Mine in Attika is an excellent source of crafting materials, including rare raw materials. Visit this location to obtain large amounts of resources.

Types of Crafting Materials

The six types of crafting materials in the game are:

  • Soft Leather
  • Iron Metal
  • Olive Wood
  • Ancient Tablets
  • Obsidian Glass
  • Precious Gems

The Lavrio Silver Mine and its surrounding camp are guarded by hostile enemies, but if you manage to defeat them, you can discover many valuable deposits inside the mine. Look for blue and violet-marked deposits to find iron, obsidian glass, and precious jewels. Revisit the mine later in the game to find renewed deposits.

Soft Leather

To obtain Soft Leather, hunt wild animals using a bow to catch agile creatures like goats and deer. Predators like wolves will attack you when you approach them. The larger the animal, the more hides you can obtain. Killing bears can yield several dozen hides for crafting.

Iron Metal

Search for Iron Metal in deposits while exploring the game world, especially near caves. You can also obtain it as loot from defeated enemies.

Olive Wood

Interact with small trees to obtain Olive Wood, like in the example shown in the picture above.

Ancient Tablets

Ancient Tablets are rare and can be found in locations marked with a question mark, such as historical locations or ruins. Thoroughly search these locations like in the example shown in the picture above. Blacksmiths may also sell these expensive items, but their stock may refresh over time.

Obsidian Glass

Obsidian Glass is a rare material found mainly in unique, shining chests like the Nation Chests found in forts. You can also find it by looting the corpses of dead commanders or as a reward for completing war contracts and Conquest battles. It can sometimes be found in caves with Iron Metal and other treasures.

Precious Gems

Complete Bounty quests to earn Precious Gems. You can find them on notice boards in large locations or accept bounties from NPCs while exploring the game world.

The acquisition of precious gems can also be done by plundering the bodies of deceased bounty hunters who wander the world in pursuit of the main character after committing a crime. These gems are among the items that can be found in the hunter\’s loot. Occasionally, precious gems can also be discovered in caves, along with iron metal and other treasures. The original HTML formatting has been preserved, including the tag.


1. What are crafting materials in AC Odyssey and why do I need them?

Crafting materials are items that players can collect to upgrade their weapons, armor, and ships in AC Odyssey. These materials are necessary to upgrade your gear and boost your character\’s stats. Some of the materials can also be used to upgrade your ship, which is essential for sea battles. You can find crafting materials in the game world, buy them from merchants, or earn them as rewards for completing quests or defeating enemies.

2. How can I find crafting materials in AC Odyssey?

One of the best ways to find crafting materials in AC Odyssey is by looting chests, killing enemies, and completing quests. You can also find them in the game world, such as on the ground or in caves. It\’s important to explore the game world thoroughly to ensure you don\’t miss any opportunities to collect materials. Another way to get crafting materials is by dismantling gear that you no longer need. This will give you materials that you can use to upgrade your gear.

3. Can I buy crafting materials in AC Odyssey?

Yes, you can buy crafting materials from merchants in AC Odyssey. These materials are often expensive, so it\’s important to save up your drachmae before purchasing them. You can also sell unwanted gear to earn drachmae, which can then be used to buy crafting materials. It\’s important to note that buying materials may not be the most efficient way to get them, as there are many opportunities to collect them for free in the game world.

4. What are the best crafting materials to collect in AC Odyssey?

The best crafting materials to collect in AC Odyssey depend on what you want to upgrade. For example, if you want to upgrade your weapons, you\’ll need materials such as iron, wood, and leather. If you want to upgrade your ship, you\’ll need materials such as olive wood and soft leather. It\’s important to prioritize the materials you need based on your goals. You can also check the requirements for each upgrade in the game menu to see what materials you need and how many you need to collect.

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