How to Obtain Ammo in Metro Exodus

A Guide and Walkthrough for Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is a shooter game that requires a significant amount of ammunition to fend off threats. While the enemies aren\’t countless, they can be quite resilient, and you\’ll lose ammo when trying to defeat them. This guide will provide you with tips on obtaining ammo in the game.

  • Tip #1: Search the corpses of soldiers and bandits
  • Tip #2: Explore the environment
  • Tip #3: Create ammo at workbenches

Tip #1: Search the Corpses of Soldiers and Bandits

Whenever someone shoots at you, they likely have ammunition on them. It\’s always a good idea to search the bodies of those you\’ve defeated. However, monsters and other paranormal beasts will not carry any additional equipment.

Tip #2: Explore the Environment

Metro Exodus contains various buildings that are optional for exploration. Search the contents of boxes, chests, or lift objects from the ground to obtain additional ammo. It\’s also a good idea to search the room you\’re in, as you\’ll usually find extra ammunition there.

Tip #3: Create Ammo at Workbenches

In Volga, you can use workbenches to create additional items, upgrade equipment, and produce ammunition. Remember to replenish your supplies before embarking on missions. Unfortunately, you cannot create ammo using the backpack.


1. Where can I find ammo in Metro Exodus?

In Metro Exodus, ammo can be found in various locations throughout the game. One of the most common places to find ammo is in military bases and bandit camps. These locations often have crates and boxes that contain ammo. Additionally, you can scavenge ammo from dead enemies. Make sure to search their bodies thoroughly, as they may have hidden ammo in their pockets or backpacks.

2. How can I conserve ammo in Metro Exodus?

Conserving ammo is crucial in Metro Exodus. One of the best ways to conserve ammo is to use stealth to avoid combat altogether. Sneak past enemies whenever possible, or use distractions to lure them away from your path. Additionally, make sure to aim for the head when firing your weapon. Headshots are more likely to take down enemies in one shot, conserving your ammo in the process.

3. What weapons are best for conserving ammo in Metro Exodus?

Some weapons in Metro Exodus are better for conserving ammo than others. The crossbow is a great option, as it allows you to retrieve your bolts after firing them. The pneumatic rifle is also a good choice, as it uses compressed air to fire its rounds, allowing you to conserve ammo. Additionally, the revolver and shotgun are both powerful weapons that can take down enemies in one or two shots, conserving your ammo in the process.

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