How to Navigate in the Dark in Amnesia Rebirth: Tips and Tricks

If you\’re playing Amnesia Rebirth and struggling to navigate in the dark, this guide is here to help. We\’ll cover everything you need to know about using matches and an oil lamp to light your way safely.

On this page, we\’ll provide hints on how to avoid increasing the fear level of the main character while navigating dark locations. We\’ll also explain how to find matches and an oil lamp and use them effectively.

  • Introduction to Darkness and the Fear Level
  • Using Matches
  • Using the Lantern

Introduction to Darkness and the Fear Level

Amnesia Rebirth takes place in many locations with poor or no lighting. When you enter very dark locations, the game turns on a different mode that allows you to see in the dark. However, you should still find and use matches or an oil lamp to navigate safely.

In the Original Mode, darkness isn\’t just a hindrance to exploration. It\’s also a potential threat to the main character\’s mental health. Prolonged exposure to dark places gradually increases Tasi\’s fear level. As a result, various filters will appear on the screen, and the main character will experience hallucinations that warn of losing her mind and dying. We discuss this topic in more detail on a separate page, \”Death in the Game – How to Avoid?\”

If you\’re playing in Adventure Mode, you don\’t need to worry about the darkness as it removes the horror elements from the game, including signs that you\’re losing your mind when staying in the dark.

Using Matches

The most common way to deal with darkness is to find matches. Each matchbox is in a specific place in the game, and we\’ve included the locations in our walkthrough.

Unfortunately, each lit match provides limited light, and it can be extinguished faster if you run or if there\’s wind. Tasi can carry a maximum of 10 matches at a time, so use them regularly to free up space to pick up more.

You can also use matches on environmental elements to create more stable light sources, such as stationary torches and braziers. This is useful when you want to explore a room thoroughly without rushing. However, some light sources can be extinguished by gusts of wind or drafts, especially in The Fortress chapter. In such situations, it\’s not worth wasting more matches unless you still have much of the room to explore.

Using the Lantern

The lantern illuminates the area more effectively than matches, but it\’s not available from the beginning of the game. You find it while completing The Deeper Caves chapter, next to a corpse in the caves. We describe the location in more detail in our walkthrough.

Once you have acquired the lantern, you can access it by pressing the appropriate button in your inventory. However, it is important not to overuse it as the oil depletes quickly. To replenish the oil, you will need to find containers in the game world which come in three sizes – small, medium, and large. It is recommended to refill the lamp only when the oil is low or has been exhausted to avoid wasting the rest of the container\’s contents.

We suggest using the lantern in larger, dimly lit corridors where there are no torches or other light sources available. In important rooms, you will usually find other light sources, such as matches, which can be used to save the oil in your lantern.


1. How do I move around in Amnesia Rebirth: Darkness?

In Amnesia Rebirth: Darkness, movement is crucial to survival. To move around, use the W, A, S, and D keys on your keyboard. Press W to move forward, S to move backward, and A and D to move left and right, respectively. You can also use your mouse to look around and change the direction you are facing. To run, hold down the left Shift key while moving. Be careful not to run for too long, as it can cause your character to become exhausted and slow down.

2. How do I navigate in dark areas?

Dark areas in Amnesia Rebirth: Darkness can be difficult to navigate, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier. First, make sure you have a source of light, such as a lantern or match. Use the light to illuminate your surroundings and make it easier to see where you are going. You can also listen for sounds, such as footsteps or the creaking of doors, to help guide you. If you get lost, try retracing your steps or looking for landmarks to help you get your bearings. Finally, be cautious when moving around in the dark, as there may be dangers lurking nearby.

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