How to Heal in Dead Island 2?

If you want to survive in Dead Island 2, you need to know how to heal your character. This guide will provide you with tips on using med kits, energy bars, and skills to regenerate your health.

When playing Dead Island 2, your character can easily get hurt and be close to death. You will need to heal your character to stay alive. This guide will tell you how to use med kits and other healing items, what skills allow you to regenerate health, and whether the game has partial auto health regeneration.

  • Med Kits
  • Energy Bars and Drinks
  • Health Regeneration through Skills

Med Kits

While Dead Island 2 offers automatic regeneration, it is limited. The game can help you when you are close to dying, but it takes a moment for the regeneration to start. When your health bar is fuller, it refills very slowly.

The primary method of healing in Dead Island 2 is med kits. You can find them as loot, make them at workshops, or buy them from merchants. However, you can only carry five med kits, and their current number is displayed in the upper left corner. To use them, you have to activate them manually by pressing a key. Make sure to use them when no zombies are attacking you.

Energy Bars and Drinks

Energy drinks and bars can also renew your health points, and additional energy drinks can speed up the Fury Mode cooldown. Unfortunately, you cannot move these items to your inventory to use them when needed. You need to pick them up as you go and look for them in the game world if you take more damage.

Health Regeneration through Skills

Skill Cards can help you heal in Dead Island 2. For instance, Invigorating allows you to heal through counterattacks after parrying a monster\’s blow. Safety First refills your health bar through correct blocks or dodges. Rallying Cry starts healing when you activate War Cry. Limb Reaper refills the stamina bar by maiming zombies, while Vivisuction rewards you with healing through a Dash Strike.

You can activate and stack several regeneration skills at the same time. Using these skills can partially replace the need to use med kits. You only need to perform an action that triggers the healing effect.


1. How do I heal in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, there are several ways to heal your character. You can use health kits that you find throughout the game, or you can use medkits that you can purchase from merchants. Additionally, you can use food items to restore health, such as energy drinks and canned food. You can also drink water to restore a small amount of health. Finally, if you have a character with the healing ability, you can use that skill to heal yourself and your team members.

2. Can I heal my teammates in Dead Island 2?

Yes, if you have a character with the healing ability, you can use that skill to heal your teammates as well as yourself. This can be especially useful in co-op mode, where you are working together with other players to complete missions and fight off hordes of zombies. Make sure to keep an eye on your teammates\’ health bars and use your healing ability when needed.

3. Are there any perks or skills that can improve my healing abilities?

Yes, there are several perks and skills that can improve your healing abilities in Dead Island 2. For example, the Medic skill tree has several abilities that can increase the effectiveness of your healing, such as Healing Specialist and First Aid Expert. Additionally, certain characters have passive abilities that can improve their healing, such as the Paramedic\’s \”Healing Hands\” ability, which increases the amount of health restored when using health kits.

4. What should I do if I run out of health kits in Dead Island 2?

If you run out of health kits in Dead Island 2, there are still several ways to heal yourself. Look for food items and water bottles that can restore health, or visit a merchant to purchase medkits. Additionally, if you are playing in co-op mode, you can ask your teammates to share their health kits with you. Finally, try to avoid taking unnecessary damage by using cover and dodging attacks, and make sure to rest and heal up between missions.

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