How to Get The Silphium Resin in The Forgotten City

If you\’re playing The Forgotten City and looking for information on how to get The Silphium Resin, then this guide is for you. This potion is required to complete the Dying Gasp quest. In this guide, we\’ll show you several ways to obtain it.

By following our walkthrough, you can also earn several achievements, including Looper, Kleptomaniac, and Medic.

Stealing The Potion

The easiest way to get the potion is to steal it. However, this means breaking the Golden Rule. To steal the potion, talk to the merchant, walk away, turn around, examine the bottle, and take it. Run to the temple to break the loop and escape. Remember that you will still have the Silphium Resin in your inventory after resetting.

Stealing Money

If you want to steal the money for the potion, you can rob people and steal from homes. Another option is to steal money from the merchant by taking the keys from the shelf and opening the denarius chest. However, this also means breaking the Golden Rule and you\’ll have to reset the loop after every theft.

Earning Denarius

If you prefer to earn the denarius to pay the merchant, search for treasures with the Golden Bow. This is the most effective way to earn 1,000 denarius required for the potion. Check out our separate guide on how to get the Golden Bow.


What is The Silphium Resin in The Forgotten City?

The Silphium Resin is a rare and valuable item in The Forgotten City game. It is a resin that was historically used in ancient times as a medicine, perfume, and seasoning. In the game, the Silphium Resin is used to craft the Poison Resistance Potion, which is essential for surviving certain areas of the game. The resin is also used as currency to purchase various items from certain characters in the game.

Where can I find The Silphium Resin?

The Silphium Resin can be found in several locations throughout The Forgotten City. One of the easiest places to find it is in the underground cave system, where it can be mined from the walls. It can also be found in certain pots and chests scattered throughout the city. Additionally, some characters in the game may trade the resin for other items or services, so it is worth keeping an eye out for those opportunities.

How do I use The Silphium Resin?

To use The Silphium Resin in The Forgotten City, you will need to craft the Poison Resistance Potion. To do this, you will need to combine the resin with other ingredients, such as the Common Mushroom, which can be found in the same areas as the resin. Once you have gathered the necessary ingredients, you can craft the potion at a crafting station, which can be found in several locations throughout the city. Alternatively, you can also use the resin as currency to purchase items from certain characters in the game.

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