How to Get the Omnivore Trophy in Endling?

If you\’re playing Endling and wondering how to get the Omnivore trophy, then you need to find every type of food in the game. This includes deer meat, chickens, pigeons, mice, and rabbits. In this guide, we\’ll show you how to get this trophy.

During the game, you\’ll need to find different types of food to feed your cubs. The Omnivore trophy requires you to find all 17 types of food, which include garbage, deer, mouse, rabbit, pigeon, or chicken. Some of these foods require special skills to obtain, which you can learn about on our dedicated page (Cub skills – how to unlock?).

  • Deer
  • Fish
  • Rat
  • Berries
  • Trash
  • Canned Food
  • Apple
  • Rabbit
  • Candy Bar
  • Mushrooms
  • Worm
  • Egg
  • Chicken
  • Can
  • Pigeon
  • Lunchbox
  • Potato chips

How to Find Deer Meat

You can find deer meat during the first three nights of the game. Remember the deer that fell off the cliff and attacked you at the beginning of the game? Its carcass can be found on the westernmost road, almost completely covered by snow. Be sure to look carefully to find it.

How to Catch Fish

You can catch fish in several places in the game during the first 10 nights. After this time, the water in the water bodies may dry out and become polluted by pollutants from the factory, making it less likely to find fish.

How to Find Rats

Rats can be found in different places, usually running between two hiding places located near each other.

How to Find Berries

Berries grow on bushes in which you can hide. Jump in and out of the bush to collect the berries in your mouth.

How to Find Trash

Bags of trash can be found throughout the map. You may find leftover food in them, but be careful not to get caught in the bags, which can tighten around your neck.

How to Find Canned Food

You can find canned food near the first lair. Climb the tree next to the small house and drop the box on the ground to obtain the food.

How to Find Apples

Apples can be found on trees. Shake the trunk to make the fruit fall to the ground. You\’ll also receive an apple when you first meet Molly.

How to Catch Rabbits

Rabbits, like other wild animals, are found in the forest. Hide in the bushes and wait for them to come closer. Then, jump out of the bushes and catch your prey by pressing the interaction button.

Candy Bar

To obtain the candy bar, search the factory grounds in a large trash container. You will need the Squeeze Through skill to access it.


Under the bridge near the factory grounds, mushrooms can be found. However, you must have the Squeeze Through skill to reach them.


Unlock the Dig skill at the factory grounds to catch the first worm. Once you have the skill, worms can be occasionally found by digging in the ground.


Search trees to find eggs. No extra skills are necessary to climb trees, but you may need Dangle to reach certain eggs.


Chickens can be found in various locations throughout the game. The first chicken is located in the slaughterhouse building. Sometimes, chicken meat can be found at the garbage dump or a single chicken in a shopping cart. To make the chicken jump out of the cart, simply bark at it. To hunt a chicken, approach it slowly.


There are two places to find cans. One is near the 3rd lair, and the other is at a vending machine on the factory grounds. Use the cubs\’ Squeeze Through skill to access the can near the 3rd lair.


Pigeons can be found at the garbage dump and other abandoned buildings. Approach them slowly to avoid scaring them away.


To find the lunchbox, visit the slaughterhouse after the 18th night.

Potato chips

Once you reach the 3rd lair, you can find a pack of chips at the landfill.


What is Endling: Omnivore trophy?

Endling: Omnivore trophy is a trophy that is awarded to players who have successfully completed the game by eating all types of food available in the game. This includes plants, meat, and even garbage.

How to get Endling: Omnivore trophy?

To get the Endling: Omnivore trophy, you need to play the game and make sure that you eat all types of food available. This means that you need to eat plants, meat, and even garbage. You can find food scattered throughout the game, so make sure to explore all areas thoroughly. Additionally, you can also try to hunt down animals and eat them for meat.

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