How to Enter the Tunnel Network beneath Miagani Island in Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: AK Guide

In this section of our game guide for Batman: Arkham Knight, we will explain how to infiltrate the tunnel network under Miagani Island. The main objective is to progress through the tunnels by using different Batman gadgets.

At the start of the tunnel, there is a ventilator that you can remove.

Your first destination is the entrance to the tunnel, which is located in the middle of Miagani Island. Glide towards the entrance and when you are in proximity, summon the Batmobile. You will then face a challenging battle against many enemy tanks, so avoid staying in one spot for too long. To reduce the number of targets you face at once, move to the narrow alleys nearby. This will make it harder for the vehicles to reach you.

Once the battle is over, return to the game-marked location, park the Batmobile, and go inside the tunnel when the passage opens. Stop near the first barricade, look up and use the Winch on the large ventilator. Pull it out and use the Grapnel to reach the hole.

Aim at the opposite wall from the large ventilator.

Listen to the conversation with Robin and spread Explosive Gel on the nearby planks to unlock the passage. Repeat this process for the next wall and enter the ventilation shaft. When you reach a large working ventilator, select the Line Launcher from your inventory. Aim at the opposite wall and slide on the rope to the distant shelf.

At this point, you need to use the Remote Control Batarang, another of Batman\’s gadgets. Use detective mode to find an interactive switch behind the fence. Control the Batarang as it flies and decrease its speed if necessary. It must fly through the hole in the wall on the right of the switch.

Once the Batarang hits the switch, a passage will open. Use the Line Launcher to reach it quickly. Climb onto the shelf and select the Remote Control Batarang again. This time, send it through the hole in the left wall. Direct the Batarang towards another switch behind the hole.

Select the Line Launcher and aim at the nearby shelf. When the rope reaches the target, press the key/button to slow down while sliding. Turn the camera to the left and use the Line Launcher again on the wall shown in the above picture. It will change your direction by 90 degrees.

To reach the ventilation shaft entrance, utilize the grapnel. Upon arrival, a large tunnel with numerous enemies inside will be present. It is important not to attack them, as enemy tanks are situated nearby and will result in immediate death. Instead, jump from one vantage point to the next to locate a high ventilation shaft. Utilize the grapnel to reach it, and proceed through the shaft, disregarding the enemies. The objective is to reach the designated room in the game. When departing from the shaft, Arkham Knight will launch an attack, which cannot be evaded. Watch the ensuing cut-scene.


1. What is the tunnel network under Miagani Island?

The tunnel network under Miagani Island is a series of interconnected tunnels that were built by the Wayne Enterprises for transportation and utility purposes. However, the tunnels were abandoned and forgotten over time, making them an ideal hideout for criminals in Gotham City.

2. Why do I need to infiltrate the tunnel network?

You need to infiltrate the tunnel network under Miagani Island as part of the main story in Batman: Arkham Knight. The network is used by the Arkham Knight and his militia to transport weapons and supplies, and to launch surprise attacks on Gotham City. By infiltrating the network, you can gather intel and disrupt their operations.

3. How do I access the tunnel network?

You can access the tunnel network under Miagani Island by completing certain story missions and side quests in Batman: Arkham Knight. The Batmobile also has the ability to transform into a tank and drill through walls, allowing you to access hidden areas of the network.

4. What challenges can I expect in the tunnel network?

The tunnel network under Miagani Island is a dangerous and unpredictable place, filled with traps, puzzles, and enemy encounters. You will need to use your detective skills, combat abilities, and gadgets to navigate the tunnels and take down the Arkham Knight\’s forces. You may also encounter environmental hazards such as toxic gas and collapsing structures, so be prepared for anything.

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