How to Enter Mothers Room in Tell Me Why?

If you\’re playing Tell Me Why and wondering how to enter mother\’s room, you\’re in the right place. This guide will give you a detailed description of how to get inside and push the story forward.

It\’s worth noting that this walkthrough contains spoilers that may reveal certain plot elements, such as new locations or characters. If you continue reading, you agree to learn about some of the content.

There are two ways to enter the room: solve the puzzle or breach the door. The puzzle requires you to correctly put three pieces together. Your sister can help you with this, and it will affect your relationship.

The solution to the puzzle is found in a story from your childhood called The Princess\’s Party in the Book of Goblins. Your sister will only point you to the story that contains the solution, but she won\’t help you directly.

To enter the room, you must correctly read who gave which gift to the princess in the story. The moose gave her a torch, the bear gave her a sword, and the pelican gave her some money. Each item indicated one of their concerns for the princess.

Once you solve the puzzle, you\’ll be able to enter the room and continue with the story. Good luck!


1. How do I find the Mother\’s room?

The Mother\’s room can be found in the second floor of the hospital. Once you enter the hospital, take the stairs or elevator to the second floor and head towards the end of the hallway. The room is located on the left side, just before the door to the ICU.

2. Do I need a key to access the Mother\’s room?

Yes, you will need to find a key in order to access the Mother\’s room. The key can be found in the hospital\’s pharmacy, which is located on the first floor. Look for a drawer behind the counter that has a red sticker on it. The key should be inside.

3. What can I expect to find in the Mother\’s room?

The Mother\’s room is a private space for new mothers to breastfeed, pump milk, or simply relax. You can expect to find a comfortable chair, a table for your belongings, and a breast pump. There may also be magazines or books available for your entertainment.

4. Can I bring my partner or family member into the Mother\’s room?

The Mother\’s room is intended for mothers only, but exceptions can be made for partners or family members who are assisting with breastfeeding or pumping. However, it\’s important to respect the privacy and comfort of the other mothers who may be using the room.

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