How to Defend Yourself Against Water Beasts in Metro Exodus?

Get ready to navigate through a water section of the map in Metro Exodus. During your journey, you might encounter ferocious water beasts that can attack you anytime. What should you do then?

Firstly, it\’s essential to note that the monster\’s attack might occur as a Quick Time Event (QTE), and you have to throw off the beast that attacked you. However, it\’s not always a permanent solution, and you might have to kill several creatures. Hence, stop paddling, grab your guns and start shooting the enemies.

Depending on the type of beasts, you might have to fire more or fewer bullets. Sometimes, you might encounter powerful tentacles requiring considerable firepower and bullets when they hide in the water.

Remember, be prepared for any water beast attack and defend yourself wisely in Metro Exodus.


How can I defend myself against the beasts in a boat in Metro Exodus?

If you find yourself under attack from beasts while in a boat in Metro Exodus, there are a few things you can do to defend yourself. Firstly, try to stay as far away from the beasts as possible by paddling away from them. If they get too close, you can use your weapons to fight back. Shotguns and rifles are effective against most beasts, and throwing grenades or Molotov cocktails can also be useful. However, be careful not to damage the boat too much, as it can break and leave you stranded.

What other strategies can I use to survive a beast attack in a boat in Metro Exodus?

In addition to using weapons to defend yourself, there are a few other strategies that can help you survive a beast attack in a boat in Metro Exodus. Firstly, try to stay calm and focused, as panicking can make the situation worse. If you have any allies with you, try to work together to take down the beasts. You can also try to use the environment to your advantage by steering the boat towards obstacles that the beasts might get stuck on. Finally, remember that sometimes discretion is the better part of valor – if the situation seems too dangerous, it might be best to retreat and try again later.

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