How to Defeat Unstable Frost Acolyte, the Boss in Steelrising?

If you\’re looking for a way to beat the miniboss Unstable Frost Acolyte in Steelrising, then you\’re in the right place. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information to help you emerge victorious in this icy battle.

  • Attacks
  • Tactics


Unstable Frost Acolyte has a range of attacks, including twisting incense sticks, slamming them against the ground, and grabbing you with them. In addition to these moves, it can jump high in the air to dodge your attacks and turn into a cannon to shoot straight. As its name suggests, it also has frost alchemical powers.


Despite its strength, Unstable Frost Acolyte has a major flaw in its long recovery time after each attack. Use this opportunity to attack it a few times. When it turns into a cannon, it becomes defenseless, allowing you to attack it without any interference. You can also use grenades, particularly fire and explosive ones, to bring down its health bar significantly.


1. What are the weaknesses of the Unstable Frost Acolyte?

The Unstable Frost Acolyte is a tough boss in Steelrising, but it has a few weaknesses that can be exploited. Firstly, it is weak to fire attacks, so using weapons or abilities with fire damage can deal significant damage. Secondly, it is vulnerable to stun, so using abilities that can stun or interrupt its attacks can give you an advantage. Lastly, it has a weak spot on its back, so try to position yourself behind it to deal more damage.

2. What are the recommended weapons and abilities to use against the Unstable Frost Acolyte?

To defeat the Unstable Frost Acolyte, it is recommended to use weapons and abilities that deal fire damage. These can include flamethrowers, incendiary grenades, and fire spells. In terms of abilities, using stun or interrupt abilities can also be effective in preventing the boss from attacking. Additionally, using abilities that increase your own defense or agility can help you dodge the boss\’s attacks and survive longer in the fight.

3. What is the best strategy to use against the Unstable Frost Acolyte?

The best strategy to use against the Unstable Frost Acolyte is to stay mobile and keep moving around the boss. This can help you avoid its attacks and prevent it from hitting you with its powerful ice attacks. Try to stay behind the boss as much as possible to hit its weak spot and deal more damage. Additionally, use fire-based weapons and abilities to deal damage and stun abilities to prevent the boss from attacking. Be patient and don\’t rush the fight, as it can take some time to defeat this tough boss.

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