How to Defeat the Spiritcaller Snail Boss in Elden Ring?

If you are playing Elden Ring and looking for tips on how to beat the Spiritcaller Snail boss, then this guide is for you. This boss is located in the Catacombs at the End of the Road and the Cave of the Spiritcaller. Here are some tips to help you defeat it.

  • Locations
  • Reward for defeating
  • General tips
  • How to defeat?


The first Spiritcaller Snail can be found in Road\’s End Catacombs, which is located in Liurnia of the Lakes. The entrance to the catacombs is south of a small golden tree. The second one is in Mountaintops of the Giants, in the Spiritcaller Cave. The entrance to the cave is from the side of frozen lake.

Reward for defeating

Defeating Spiritcaller Snail in Road\’s End Catacombs will earn you 3000 runes and Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes. On the other hand, defeating the Spiritcaller Cave version will give you 70,000 runes, the Black Flame Ritual incantation, and the Godskin Swaddling Cloth.

General tips

  1. Use ashes during the encounter to act as a tank for the battle.
  2. Ignore the aides summoned by the boss and focus on defeating the main boss.
  3. Look for the subtle white aura to locate the invisible boss.

How to defeat?

The Spiritcaller Snail boss is cunning and utilizes aides in combat. However, you can skip them as they will be summoned again once one dies. Focus on attacking the main boss and look for the white aura to locate the invisible enemy. The boss only has one attack, which is a rare grab, so keep attacking without stopping. If you die during the fight, the Snail will be in its original position and will start teleporting to the same places as last time, so be ready to greet it as it appears elsewhere.

The snail boss has low HP, so defeating it won\’t take long. However, be wary of its summoned helpers. The best strategy is to lure them to the arena entrance, avoid their rolling attack, and focus on the boss. You can also direct your own summoned allies to take care of the helpers, allowing you to focus solely on the snail. The boss battle is the same in both instances, with the only difference being that the stronger version summons stronger allies like the Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble. Nevertheless, the overall tactics remain unchanged.


What is Spiritcaller Snail in Elden Ring?

Spiritcaller Snail is a boss in Elden Ring, a game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. It is one of the many bosses that players will encounter on their journey through the game. Spiritcaller Snail is a giant snail-like creature that can summon spirits to aid it in battle. It is a formidable opponent and can be challenging to defeat.

How to defeat Spiritcaller Snail in Elden Ring?

Defeating Spiritcaller Snail requires a bit of strategy. The boss will summon spirits to fight alongside it, so it\’s important to take out the spirits first. This will make the fight much easier. Players should also focus on hitting the boss\’s weak spots, which are its head and tail. The boss will also use a variety of attacks, including a spinning attack and a charge attack. Players should dodge these attacks to avoid taking damage. It\’s also a good idea to use fire-based attacks, as the boss is weak against fire. With the right strategy and a bit of patience, players can defeat Spiritcaller Snail and move on to the next challenge in Elden Ring.

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