How to Defeat the Erdtree Avatar Boss in Elden Ring

If you\’re playing Elden Ring, you\’ll eventually come across the Erdtree Avatar boss, which is found in the minor Minor Erdtrees. In this guide, we\’ll give you some tips on how to defeat this tough opponent.

The Erdtree Avatar appears in several locations throughout the game, including Caelid, Liurnia of the Lakes, Mountaintops of the Giants, Leyndell, Royal Capital, and Deeproot Depths. While this encounter is optional, defeating the boss will earn you some valuable loot.

  • Locations
  • Reward for defeating
  • General tips
  • Melee build – how to fight?


The first time you encounter the Erdtree Avatar will likely be in Weeping Peninsula. Head west after entering the region until you reach a dense forest, and you\’ll find the boss guarding a Minor Erdtree.

In Caelid, you\’ll need to use the elevator to reach the Deep Siofra Well site of grace. From there, continue forward until you find a Minor Erdtree and a boss guarding it.

There are two Avatars in Liurnia of the Lakes. One of them is guarding a Minor Erdtree in the north-east of the region, while the other is stationed on the opposite side of the region to the southeast.

In Leyndell, Royal Capital, you\’ll find the boss by taking an elevator down to a wide road and heading towards a large gate. The Erdtree Avatar is hard to miss.

The Erdtree Avatar in Deeproot Depths is found in a shallow lake in the small, linear region.

At Mountaintops of the Giants, the boss can be found in the center of the region, slightly to the east. Just follow the path of bridges until you find the Minor Erdtree and the boss guarding it.

Reward for Defeating

Here are the rewards you can earn for defeating the Erdtree Avatar in each location:

Weeping Peninsula: 3600 runes and materials: Opaline Bubbletear , Crimsonburst Crystal Tear .

Lirunia of the Lakes (south-west): 5800 runes and materials: Cerulean Crystal Tear , Ruptured Crystal Tear .

Liurnia of the Lakes (north-east): 5800 runes and materials: Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear , Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear , Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear .

Caelid: 9600 runes and materials: Greenburst Crystal Tear , Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear .

Mountaintops of the Giants (east): 70,000 runes and materials: Cerulean Crystal Tear , Crimson Bubbletear .

Deeproot Depths: 10,000 runes and a weapon: Staff of the Avatar.

Leyndell, Royal Capital: 10,062 runes plus a Lord\’s Rune .

General recommendations

  1. When facing Erdtree Avatars in open areas, use Torrent. This tactic does not work in dungeons.
  2. If you plan to fight the Avatar on horseback, make sure to stock up on Rowa Raisins. Assign a hotkey to this item so you can heal Torrent as needed.
  3. You can also use Ashes and allies to your advantage during this battle.
  4. If your HP is low, don\’t hesitate to step back and regenerate as the boss does not instantly recover health when you disengage.

Melee build – how to fight?

The Erdtree Avatar is a large, headless enemy wielding a massive staff that can be found in various locations around the world. They usually guard Minor Erdtrees, so their presence can be detected when you come across one. While this battle is optional, defeating them can be rewarding as they drop valuable materials. The different instances of the boss do not differ much, so the tactics presented here apply to all of them.

It is best to fight the Erdtree Avatar on horseback, so bring a supply of Rowa Rasins to heal Torrent when needed. Assign a hotkey to this item and use it as necessary. Before the battle begins, familiarize yourself with the arena layout to avoid getting trapped by obstacles. During horseback combat, your main concern is the boss\’s staff swing range. The rest of his attacks are either not that dangerous or can be evaded with a dash.

When using Torrent, circle around the opponent and attack their back with powerful or fast strikes. Beware of the staff swings as it\’s difficult to predict from which side the boss will attack. After a few hits, retreat to a safe distance.

If the Avatar jumps, quickly move away from it. If he hits the ground with his staff, homing golden missiles will fly towards you. Stay mobile to avoid them, and attack the boss once the animation ends. Repeat this pattern until the boss is defeated.

For melee players, the battle is not much different. Watch out for the boss\’s jump and missiles fired after hitting the ground with his staff. These missiles slowly home in on you, so it\’s best to dodge them from a distance. Dodging is crucial during melee combat to avoid the staff swings. With practice, you can learn the boss\’s attack patterns.

The fight plays out identically in most cases, except for two instances – the Erdtree Avatar from Mountaintops of the Giants and the one from Caelid. The former can create a clone that shares its health bar, meaning you\’ll have to deal with two attackers. The best way to handle this is to lure one away from the other. If you manage to separate them, the second one will return to its starting position.

As for the Caelid Avatar, it can inflict the scarlet rot status, which causes significant damage. Keep your distance and avoid the attack, which is signaled by the opponent stomping the ground and inducing a brown cloud. If you see this, stop attacking and run away. Other than these two situations, the fights are identical.


What is the Erdtree Avatar boss in Elden Ring?

The Erdtree Avatar is a powerful boss encountered in the Elden Ring game. This boss is a manifestation of the great Erdtree, and players must battle it to progress in the game. The Erdtree Avatar boss is a formidable foe, with many attacks and abilities that can quickly defeat an unprepared player. Players must prepare carefully and approach the battle with a solid strategy to defeat this boss.

What are the weaknesses of the Erdtree Avatar boss?

The Erdtree Avatar boss has several weaknesses that players can exploit to defeat it. The boss is vulnerable to fire and lightning-based attacks, so players should use weapons and spells that deal these types of damage. Additionally, the boss is weak against magic attacks, so players who have invested in their magic abilities may find this boss easier to defeat. Players should also aim for the boss\’s weak spots, such as its head and limbs, to deal the most damage.

What is the best strategy for defeating the Erdtree Avatar boss?

The best strategy for defeating the Erdtree Avatar boss involves careful preparation and execution. Players should ensure that they have the appropriate equipment and weapons to deal with the boss\’s attacks. They should also study the boss\’s moves and patterns to anticipate its attacks and avoid taking damage. Players should focus on dealing damage to the boss\’s weak spots and exploiting its weaknesses to deal the most damage. Additionally, players should ensure that they have a solid defense and healing strategy to survive the boss\’s attacks.

What rewards can players expect from defeating the Erdtree Avatar boss?

Players who successfully defeat the Erdtree Avatar boss can expect to receive valuable rewards. These may include rare weapons, armor, and items that can be used to upgrade the player\’s equipment and abilities. Additionally, defeating the boss may unlock new areas of the game or give the player access to new quests and challenges. Overall, defeating the Erdtree Avatar boss is a significant accomplishment that can greatly benefit the player\’s progress and enjoyment of the game.

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