How to Defeat The Countess in Darkest Dungeons Crimson Court DLC

If you\’re struggling with The Countess, the third and final \”main\” boss of the Crimson Court DLC in Darkest Dungeon, then you\’re in the right place. You\’ll face The Countess during the fourth mission of the Courtyard area, in a mission called \”A Bewitching Predator\”. Similar to the previous bosses Baron and Viscount, you\’ll need to navigate a large area filled with enemies and keys to get to The Countess. However, the layout of the dungeon is fixed, so you can skip about half of the rooms and avoid many traps and encounters. If you need help navigating, this guide includes complete maps of each Courtyard area.

The Countess is a formidable foe, but with the right team composition and strategy, you can emerge victorious. Here\’s what you need to know:

  • Statistics of the boss
  • How to defeat the boss
  • Recommended team composition for the encounter

Statistics of the Boss

The Countess has 400 health, 25 dodge, and 30% protection during the fourth mission in the Courtyard. She has a speed of 4 and a resistance to stun of 140%, blight 110%, bleed 90%, debuffs 120%, and move 220%. The boss has three different forms that allow her to move a certain amount of times per round. Thirsty has 3 moves, Flushed 1, and Bloodlust 4.

Remember, you can always leave the Courtyard area and come back with a fresh party that\’s better suited to the boss. There\’s no point in fighting the boss with a team that\’s low on health and afflicted. Good luck!

Tips for Defeating the Boss

The boss has a massive health pool of 400 points, but the battle won\’t last significantly longer than previous encounters as the Countess lacks the Pods to hide behind (Baron) or almost any means of healing herself (Viscount).

During the battle, the boss will transform into three different forms: Thirsty, Flushed, and Bloodlust, each with their own benefits and penalties. In the Thirsty form, the boss can move three times during a round and has access to attacks that can deal moderate damage, shuffle and Blight your party, and cause high stress. The most dangerous attack is Love Letter, which deals damage to the boss and infects one of your characters with a \”tumor\” that will explode, dealing high damage to the character after three rounds. The boss can infect multiple characters with it. The Flushed form is the weakest, with the boss only having one move each turn and a severe penalty to her resistances, allowing your party to apply Blight and Bleed with ease. In her strongest form, Bloodlust, the boss can move four times during a single round, deal high damage to multiple heroes, apply Bleed, Stun, and infect with Crimson Curse, and heal herself with The Thirst. After several rounds, the boss will transform back to her Thirsty form and repeat the cycle.

The boss\’s attacks aren\’t the most accurate, ranging from 110% to 120%, so increasing the DODGE attribute of your characters will be effective. Using dodge trinkets and two Man-at-Arms\’ Bolster abilities, or two Hound Masters\’ Guard Dog abilities, can allow you to reach 100 DODGE, making most of her attacks miss. Damage over time effects are also effective, with Bleed effects being the best weapon to use against her as she has 90% resistance to it. Using a Hellion and a Flagellant in ranks 1 and 2 can decrease her resistance even further and apply powerful bleeding effect. During a single round, when the boss is either in Thirsty or Bloodlust form, this will allow only two of your characters to deal over 50 damage.

The boss in Darkest Dungeon has a dangerous ability called Love Letter that infects a character with a tumor-like thing, causing damage equivalent to about 10% of their max health each round. The tumor explodes after three rounds, dealing damage equivalent to about 60% max health and applying a 25% PROT buff to the boss. It is crucial to keep your hero\’s health above 0 at all times to avoid receiving a death blow, which reduces your party size and decreases chances of success. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the tumor; your hero must endure the damage it deals. It is also important to note that the boss can infect multiple characters.

When preparing to fight the boss, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, there is no point in bringing heroes that benefit from Mark since the boss moves 3-4 times during a round, and the mark will be gone before your heroes can react. However, fast or slow enough heroes can still benefit greatly from the Mark. Secondly, pure damage is not effective against the Countess as she has a 30% PROT that can increase by 25-50% depending on the amount of targets from the Love Letter. Unless you bring someone who can mark and decrease PROT, pure damage heroes like Lepper, Abomination, or Crusader aren\’t the best choices.

Thirdly, the boss acts differently in different forms. Thirsty focuses on applying damage over time effects, shuffle, and placing tumor-like parasites from the Love Letter. Flushed is almost harmless, with reduced resistances, and can only move once during a round. Bloodlust is the most dangerous, dealing large damage, applying Bleed, Stun, and Crimson Curse, and being able to move four times. Fourthly, Bleed is extremely effective against the Countess as she moves 3-4 times a round, and her rather low (90%) resistance to it can be decreased with the help of a Flagellant. Lastly, stunning and marking the boss is ineffective as the boss can move 3-4 times during the same round, and there is no point in moving her as she has high resistance to it (220%) and is the only enemy.

The best party composition for the encounter is one that can exploit the boss\’s weaknesses (moderate accuracy and low Bleed resistance) and benefit from her strengths (3-4 moves during a single round). A party composed of heroes that have high DODGE attribute and can apply Bleed is the best composition to use against Countess. This will allow you to dodge most of the enemy attacks and apply Bleed, dealing damage to the enemy with every move. Recommended heroes for the team include Flagellant, Houndmaster, Jester, and Shieldbreaker.

When facing the Countess, it\’s recommended to use a party consisting of a Hellion in the first rank, a Flagellant in the second rank, and two Man-at-Arms in the third and fourth ranks. The Hellion deals high damage, can heal and reduce her own stress, has high dodge, and can apply powerful Bleed. The Flagellant can inflict the most powerful Bleeding effect, heal wounds, reduce stress, and is hard to take down. He also benefits from fighting with low health and high stress. The Man-at-Arms should focus on using Bolster to increase the speed and dodge of the party. This will render most of the Countess\’ attacks useless. Alternatively, two Hound Masters can be used to increase dodge value, but the enemy will be able to hit the protected heroes with area of effect attacks. It\’s important to use Medicinal Herbs when the Hellion uses Bleed Out, as it applies a powerful debuff on her. Trinkets increasing dodge value by 8-15 points should be used. Heroes that rely on pure damage, brute strength, marks, or can\’t attack from any position shouldn\’t be used.


1. What is The Countess in Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court?

The Countess is one of the bosses in Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court DLC. She is the final boss of the Courtyard area and is known for her ability to drain blood from your heroes, causing them to suffer from the Crimson Curse. The Countess has multiple forms and can be a challenging boss to defeat.

2. How can I beat The Countess in Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court?

The key to defeating The Countess is to bring heroes with high damage and strong healing abilities. You should also try to bring heroes who are immune to bleeding, as The Countess has a number of attacks that can cause this status effect. During the fight, focus on attacking The Countess as much as possible, but be prepared to heal your heroes as needed. When The Countess transforms into her second form, she will summon bloodsucker minions that can be difficult to deal with. Try to take them out quickly, but don\’t forget to continue attacking The Countess. With some patience and a bit of luck, you should be able to defeat The Countess and claim victory in Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court.

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