How to Defeat The Anchor Boss in Control

This guide provides a walkthrough on how to defeat The Anchor boss in Control. Upon defeating this formidable enemy, you will earn an achievement/trophy with the same name.

Location: You can find The Anchor during The Enemy Within side mission, which you can unlock by completing A Matter of Time side quest. The boss is located in Sealed Threshold Hall in the Containment area. Fly to find the hideout and approach The Anchor.

Unlock Levitate Skill: Prior to engaging with The Anchor, you must have unlocked the Levitate skill, which is acquired during the My Brother\’s Keeper main mission.

Battle Strategy: The Anchor has only one attack, where it spins around and spits out a lot of clocks. Use telekinesis to grab one of the clocks and wait for The Anchor to reveal its red insides. Quickly launch the clock at the boss\’s weak spot to inflict significant damage.

Use Levitate to reach different platforms and dodge The Anchor\’s main attack. After two successful attacks, the boss will be joined by flying enemies. Focus on eliminating them quickly and be wary of exploding enemies that can cause significant damage. Use Shield to reduce damage received from exploding enemies.

As the boss prepares to attack another platform, throw an object at its open mouth, aiming for the red point, to speed up the fight. Don\’t ignore The Anchor while dealing with its minions. Keep attacking until the battle is over.


1. What are the main attacks of Control: The Anchor?

The Anchor is a challenging boss in the game Control, and it is important to know its main attacks in order to defeat it. The Anchor has several different attacks, including a powerful ground slam that can knock the player off their feet, a ranged attack that fires several orbs at once, and a devastating beam attack that can deal massive damage. It is important to stay mobile and avoid getting hit by these attacks, as they can quickly drain the player\’s health. Additionally, The Anchor will periodically summon smaller enemies to aid it in battle, so it is important to take out these enemies quickly to prevent them from overwhelming the player.

2. What are the weaknesses of Control: The Anchor?

While The Anchor is a formidable opponent, it does have a few weaknesses that players can exploit to defeat it. One of its main weaknesses is its vulnerability to the player\’s telekinetic attacks. By using telekinesis to grab and throw objects at The Anchor, players can deal significant damage and stagger the boss, giving them an opportunity to land more attacks. Additionally, The Anchor is vulnerable to the player\’s service weapon, especially when using the Pierce or Shatter mods. By aiming for the boss\’s weak points and using these powerful mods, players can deal massive damage and bring The Anchor down quickly.

3. How can I survive the battle against Control: The Anchor?

Surviving the battle against The Anchor requires careful planning and quick reflexes. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to stay mobile and avoid getting hit by the boss\’s attacks. Players should also make use of cover to shield themselves from incoming attacks and avoid taking unnecessary damage. Another key strategy is to focus on taking out the smaller enemies that The Anchor summons, as these can quickly overwhelm the player if left unchecked. Finally, players should make sure to keep an eye on their health and use healing items as needed to stay alive during the battle.

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