How to Defeat Swine in Darkest Dungeon

If you\’re playing Darkest Dungeon and struggling with the Swine boss, here are some tips to help you defeat it.

Swine is a formidable boss located in the Warrens. This undead swine carries a cleaver and wears a rusty crown on its head. The boss\’s attacks are activated only when its target is marked, which is done by its companion, Wilbur. This mechanic can help you prepare for attacks and determine which teammate will be targeted next. It is not recommended to kill Wilbur first, as the main boss will become enraged and unlock a powerful attack that can stun and damage the entire party. Instead, focus on the main boss and leave Wilbur alone.

Here is a recommended formation for defeating the Swine: Vestal/Occultist, Highwayman/Grave Robber, Bounty Hunter, Leper.



Enraged Destruction

A powerful attack that deals high damage and has a high chance of stunning the whole party. This attack is only available after Wilbur\’s death.

Obliterate Masses

A skill that deals heavy damage to two enemies marked by Wilbur. This skill has a high chance of dealing critical damage.

Obliterate Body

A skill that deals heavy damage to one enemy marked by Wilbur. This skill has a high chance of dealing critical damage.

Wild Flailing

A skill that deals moderate damage to one target. It has a high chance of missing.

Mark This One! [Wilbur]

A skill that inflicts low damage and marks one target.

Mark These Two! [Wilbur]

A skill that inflicts low damage and marks two targets.

Squeel [Wilbur]

A skill that deals low damage to the whole party and has a chance of stunning them.

The Swine boss is one of the easier bosses in the game. To defeat it, focus your attacks on the main boss and ignore Wilbur. Attack the boss with your party members\’ individual abilities, regardless of their class. Keep an eye on your heroes\’ health and heal them when necessary. Use the Bounty Hunter or Occultist to mark the Swine, then focus all your attacks on it. Once the boss is defeated, take out Wilbur, who has a skill that can stun your party. Finish him off to complete the mission.


1. What is Swine in Darkest Dungeon?

Swine is one of the bosses in Darkest Dungeon. It is a large pig-like creature that resides in the Warrens, which is a dungeon in the game. Swine is a challenging boss to defeat due to its high health and damage output. It also has several abilities that can stun and debuff your party members, making it difficult to sustain your team.

2. What are the recommended party compositions to beat Swine?

There are several party compositions that can work against Swine, but some of the most effective ones include having a Vestal as your main healer, a Houndmaster for his stun and bleed abilities, a Crusader for his tankiness and damage output, and a Hellion for her high damage and stun abilities. You can also consider bringing a Plague Doctor for her blight and stun abilities, as well as her ability to cure diseases.

3. What are some tips for fighting Swine?

One of the most important tips for fighting Swine is to focus your damage on the little pig-like creatures that accompany him. These creatures can deal significant damage and can also stun and debuff your party members, so it\’s crucial to take them out quickly. You should also try to stun Swine whenever possible to prevent him from attacking your party members. Finally, make sure to bring enough supplies, such as food, torches, and healing items, to sustain your party throughout the fight.

4. What rewards can you expect from defeating Swine?

Defeating Swine will reward you with several valuable items, including gold, trinkets, and rare loot. You will also unlock access to new dungeons and bosses, as well as new abilities and upgrades for your party members. Additionally, defeating Swine will help you progress further in the game and overcome more challenging obstacles as you continue your journey.

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