How to Defeat Sobek, the Tower of Fantasy World Boss?

A comprehensive Tower of Fantasy guide and tips on defeating Sobek, the monstrous robotic creature causing chaos in the ToF world.

This page of the Tower of Fantasy guide provides a detailed description of World Boss Sobek, which is a fusion of an animal and a machine.

  • Where to Find Sobek?
  • Features and Weaknesses

Where to Find Sobek?

Sobek can be found in the Crown Mines, which is located next to Area 4, just below the Parliament, and north of Lucia.

Features and Weaknesses

Sobek is vulnerable to Volt damage. It has a moveset that includes a side roll and an extremely quick hitting tail slam. Though the boss isn\’t very mobile, it can burrow underground, making it invulnerable. Be cautious when it tries to attack from underground, as it hits extremely hard.


1. What is Tower of Fantasy: Sobek?

Tower of Fantasy: Sobek is a boss in the popular MMORPG game, Tower of Fantasy. Sobek is a giant crocodile-like creature that is known for its deadly attacks and high defense. Players must work together to defeat Sobek and claim their rewards.

2. What are some tips for beating Sobek?

Firstly, it is important to have a well-rounded team with different classes, such as tanks, healers, and DPS. Secondly, players should focus on attacking Sobek\’s weak points, which are its eyes and underbelly. Additionally, players should be aware of Sobek\’s attack patterns and use dodging techniques to avoid taking damage. Lastly, players should use their skills and items strategically, such as using healing spells at the right time and using debuffs to weaken Sobek\’s defense.

3. What are the rewards for defeating Sobek?

Players can expect to receive valuable items and equipment as rewards for defeating Sobek. These rewards can include rare weapons, armor, and accessories that can greatly enhance a player\’s stats and abilities. Additionally, players may receive valuable currency, such as gold or diamonds, which can be used to purchase additional items and equipment in the game.

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