How to Defeat Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space Remake

This Dead Space Remake guide will help you defeat the Leviathan Remnant, the big boss found in Chapter 8 (Search and Rescue) of the game. You will learn how to use ADS cannons, avoid the boss\’s attacks, and ultimately kill the Leviathan Remnant.

In Dead Space Remake, the Leviathan Remnant is a massive boss encountered in Chapter 8. Our walkthrough will explain how to destroy the monster\’s weak points using ADS turrets, replenish oxygen, and overcome the Leviathan\’s attacks in order to defeat it.

  • Location of the Leviathan Remnant
  • Description of the Boss Fight

Location of the Leviathan Remnant

You first encounter the Leviathan in Chapter 6, but it\’s not until Chapter 8 that you face the Leviathan Remnant. When you attempt to activate the long-range antenna, you will discover that there is a huge monster outside the ship that must be eliminated. There are two airlocks leading to the boss, but be sure to collect supplies in the area before using them.

Description of the Boss Fight

To defeat the Leviathan Remnant, you will need to use three ADS cannons, just as you did in Chapter 4.

Begin by reaching the central cannon, then:

  1. Interact with the terminal;
  2. Hold down the aiming button (L2/LT on the controller);
  3. Give commands to fire the cannon (interaction button – A on PlayStation, X on Xbox);

Aim at the orange parts of the boss and destroy the outer shell first before targeting the Leviathan\’s body.

The boss will attack Isaac with its legs, but these attacks are signaled in advance. Quickly fly to the side and continue shooting at the Leviathan as soon as possible. Keep shooting until the middle part of the Leviathan\’s body is destroyed.

You can now fly to the right or left.

If you fly to the right, destroy the growth to reveal the oxygen replenishment station, which you will need if your oxygen level is low.

A new ADS cannon is also available in the area, which you can use to attack the right side of the Leviathan.

The Leviathan can use new types of attacks, such as swinging its legs, releasing \”mines,\” and shooting orange projectiles. Avoid these attacks or use kinesis to throw the projectiles back at the boss.

If you fly to the left, destroy the growths to expose the left ADS cannon, which you can use to fire at the left side of the boss. Another oxygen refill station is also located near the left cannon.

The Leviathan will destroy the ADS cannons, most likely before you defeat it. After that, you\’ll have to use more traditional methods to defeat it. These methods include catching the projectiles it spits out and throwing them away or shooting at its weak spots with weapons like the Pulse Rifle or Plasma Cutter. To defeat the Leviathan Remnant, you must destroy its three orange body parts. This achievement will earn you the Get Off My Ship! trophy.


1. What is Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space Remake?

Leviathan Remnant is a boss in Dead Space Remake, a remastered version of the original Dead Space game. It is an enhanced version of the Leviathan boss from the original game, with new abilities and attacks.

2. What are the strategies to defeat Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space Remake?

There are several strategies that can be used to defeat Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space Remake. One effective strategy is to use the Stasis ability to slow down its movements and attacks. This will give you more time to shoot at its weak points, which are located on its tentacles and head. Another strategy is to use the Pulse Rifle or the Plasma Cutter, which are effective against its armor. It is also important to dodge its attacks and stay behind cover to avoid taking damage.

3. What are the rewards for defeating Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space Remake?

Defeating Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space Remake will reward you with a large amount of credits and resources, as well as a unique weapon or armor upgrade. It is also required to defeat Leviathan Remnant in order to progress through the game\’s story.

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