How to Defeat Enemy Tanks in Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: AK Guide

In this section of our guide to Batman: Arkham Knight, we will discuss how to effectively destroy enemy tanks. We will provide a detailed explanation on how to get rid of these machines and avoid their attacks.

When you leave the building and eliminate some of the enemies, open the gadget menu and select the Batmobile Remote Control. Take control of the Batmobile and activate Battle Mode. When enemy tanks appear, use the 60mm cannon to attack them. Be sure to slide to avoid the red beams and avoid staying in one place for too long. Your objective is to destroy all the tanks and park the Batmobile in the designated area.


What is the main objective of Batman in Arkham Knight?

The main objective of Batman in Arkham Knight is to stop Scarecrow and his alliance with the Arkham Knight, who have threatened to release a dangerous toxin on the citizens of Gotham City. Batman must also stop the Arkham Knight and his army of tanks that are destroying the city and its infrastructure. Batman must also come to terms with the loss of the Joker, who continues to haunt him throughout the game. Along the way, Batman must also solve various puzzles, interrogate suspects, and fight off other villains from his rogues\’ gallery, including Penguin, Two-Face, and Riddler. In order to accomplish his mission, Batman must use all of his gadgets, skills, and allies, including Robin, Nightwing, and Oracle.

How does Batman destroy enemy tanks in Arkham Knight?

Batman uses the Batmobile, which is equipped with various weapons, to destroy enemy tanks in Arkham Knight. The Batmobile is equipped with a cannon that shoots high-powered rounds, a Vulcan gun that fires rapid bursts of machine-gun fire, a missile barrage that releases a salvo of homing missiles, and an EMP blast that disables enemy tanks and drones. Batman can also use the Batmobile\’s winch to rip the turrets off enemy tanks, leaving them vulnerable to attack. However, the enemy tanks become more advanced and difficult to destroy as the game progresses, and Batman must constantly upgrade his weapons and tactics to stay ahead of the enemy. Additionally, Batman can also use his own combat skills and gadgets to take out enemy tanks, such as using the Batclaw to pull off enemy tank turrets or using the Disruptor to disable enemy tank weapons.

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