How to Defeat Ancient Dragon Lansseax – Elden Ring Boss Guide

This Elden Ring guide will help you defeat the Ancient Dragon Lansseax, a boss located in the Altus Plateau. Learn about her location, rewards for defeating her, and the best strategies to beat her.

  • Location
  • Reward for Defeating
  • General Tips
  • How to Defeat?


The Ancient Dragon Lansseax can be found in two locations in the Altus Plateau. She will move from the first location to the second during the fight.

First Location:

Second Location:

Reward for Defeating

Defeating the Ancient Dragon Lansseax will reward you with the Lansseax\’s Glaive incantation and 60,000 Runes.

General Tips

  1. The boss can wield red lightning, so equip armor that protects against lightning damage.
  2. Consider using Jellyfish or Latenna\’s ashes to land hits on the boss and divert her attention.
  3. Headshots deal twice as much damage, but it can be difficult to hit Lansseax\’s head.
  4. Inflicting statuses on the boss is challenging as she is highly resistant to them.
  5. Use a mount to evade attacks and approach the boss.

How to Defeat?

During the first encounter, Lansseax will fly away once her health is reduced to 80%. Watch out for her lightning attacks.

Her spear attack deals lightning damage and can be lethal. Use a mount to move quickly and maintain distance.

In the second location, Lansseax\’s health will be restored, but the fight is similar to other dragon battles. Be cautious of her lightning attacks.

When the boss raises her head and wings, lightning bolts will strike randomly, leaving her head exposed and easier to damage.


What is Ancient Dragon Lansseax?

Ancient Dragon Lansseax is a boss in the upcoming game Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. The dragon is said to be ancient and extremely powerful, with the ability to control lightning and use its massive wings to knock back enemies.

What are the recommended strategies to defeat Ancient Dragon Lansseax?

The recommended strategy to defeat Ancient Dragon Lansseax is to first focus on dodging its lightning attacks. The dragon has the ability to summon lightning bolts that can strike from above, as well as send out a wave of lightning that travels across the ground. Once you have dodged its attacks, move in and attack its wings. This will cause the dragon to lose balance and fall to the ground, allowing you to attack its head and body. Be careful, as the dragon will try to use its wings to knock you back. Repeat this strategy until the dragon is defeated.

What weapons and armor are effective against Ancient Dragon Lansseax?

The most effective weapons against Ancient Dragon Lansseax are those that deal lightning damage, as the dragon is weak to lightning attacks. It is also recommended to use weapons that have a long reach, such as spears or greatswords, to attack its wings from a safe distance. As for armor, it is best to use those that have high lightning resistance. Additionally, equipping a shield that has high stability will help you withstand the dragon\’s attacks.

What is the best way to prepare for the fight against Ancient Dragon Lansseax?

Before facing Ancient Dragon Lansseax, it is best to make sure that your character is at a high enough level and has enough health and stamina to withstand the dragon\’s attacks. It is also recommended to gather lightning resistance items and equipment, as well as weapons that deal lightning damage. Make sure to practice dodging and attacking from a safe distance, as this will be crucial in the fight against the dragon. Additionally, it is recommended to explore the area around the dragon\’s lair to gather useful items and weapons that can aid in the fight.

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