How to Customize Your Hero or Heroine in Diablo 4

If you\’re playing Diablo IV, you have the ability to choose the gender and general appearance of your character. Here\’s what you need to know about changing your character\’s appearance and gender.

Our Diablo 4 guide will show you how to modify your character\’s appearance and answer the question of whether you can change your character\’s gender after creation. Additionally, we\’ll explain how to change the appearance of your gear without affecting stats.

  • Gender Selection
  • Wardrobe Options

Gender Selection

When creating your character, you must choose one of two genders, or body types. This decision must be made before selecting the details of your character\’s appearance. This option is available for all character classes.

It\’s important to note that once you\’ve made your decision, you cannot change your character\’s gender later in the game.

Wardrobe Options

You can modify your character\’s appearance throughout the game using the Wardrobe. This feature is located in the hero\’s room in Kyovashad.

The Appearance tab allows you to adjust your character\’s makeup, jewelry, and markings. However, other options from the character creator are not available.

The Wardrobe tab enables you to change the appearance of your gear without affecting the stats. This is known as Transmog, which allows you to use a specific item while making it look like a different item or even turning it off completely. Your character\’s stats remain the same, but you can customize your character\’s appearance to your liking.


1. How can I change my character\’s gender and appearance in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, players will be able to customize their character\’s gender and appearance at any point in the game. This can be done by visiting the character menu and selecting the \”Customize\” option. From there, players can choose their character\’s gender and customize their appearance by selecting from a variety of hairstyles, facial hair, tattoos, and other cosmetic options.

2. Will changing my character\’s appearance have any impact on gameplay?

No, changing your character\’s appearance in Diablo 4 will not have any impact on gameplay. It is purely cosmetic and will not affect your character\’s abilities or stats in any way.

3. Can I change my character\’s appearance multiple times?

Yes, players will be able to change their character\’s appearance as many times as they want in Diablo 4. However, keep in mind that there may be a cost associated with each change, such as gold or other in-game currency. Additionally, some changes may only be available after completing certain quests or reaching certain milestones in the game.

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