How to Create Unique Dialogues in Assassins Creed Odysseys Story Creator Mode

If you want to make a quest that stands out, creating dialogues is the way to go. With Story Creator Mode in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey, you can create any dialogue you want and even add line selections and heroes\’ gender. This guide will show you how to create unique dialogues for the game.

Keep in mind that the only limit is your imagination. As Bob Ross once said, it\’s your world, and you can do anything you want with it. Start by creating your dialogue and then add it to the game seamlessly.

To create a dialogue between heroes, select the \”talk\” option as shown in the screenshot above.

A new window will appear where you can choose the characters involved in the dialogue. Click \”Add Actor\” to add another character to the conversation.

With up to 80 character models in the library, you can use filters to narrow down your search. You can filter by faction, physique, or name to find the character you want more easily.

Once you\’ve selected a character model, you can customize their characteristics. Choose their faction, name, and location to create your ideal hero without any limitations.

Now that you\’ve finished creating your characters, it\’s time to move on to the dialogues. Select \”Edit sequence\” to open another window.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to set the mood of your hero and their companions. Choose from a variety of emotions to convey the nature of your statement.

Remember that you can define emotions for each dialogue. For example, your character can show a hard-thinking emotion or a joyful smile after gaining valuable information to make the dialogue more natural.

Another interesting option is to select a specific character\’s gender. This allows for more personalized dialogue options. You can create different dialogue options for Cassandra, Alexios, and gender-neutral NPCs.

Once you understand the basics, you can start writing your own dialogue and accept it when you\’re done.

If you want to create decisions and choices, use the choice hub. You can choose what your character can do, such as offering to help a woman or refusing her. However, remember that each choice must have consequences and answers. If you create two options, you need to write dialogs for them and choose how they affect the mission.

To illustrate this situation, let\’s consider a brief example. Imagine a scenario where your protagonist needs to converse with an attractive lady who inquires about acquiring a bottle of wine. If we provide different options, they might appear as follows:

  1. Your hero declines her request – the mission fails;
  2. Your hero agrees to assist – you unlock the next stage of the mission;
  3. Your hero already has the quest item – the mission automatically progresses to the end;
  4. Your hero murders the lady – the mission fails;

Make sure to confirm any alterations you make. This will prevent any unnecessary problems that could arise if you lose track of the completed tasks.


1. What is Story Creator Mode in AC Odyssey and how can I access it?

Story Creator Mode is a tool in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey that allows players to create their own custom quests and dialogues within the game. To access it, you need to have completed the game\’s main story quest and have an active Ubisoft account. From there, you can download the Story Creator Mode from the Ubisoft Club Rewards section and launch it from within the game.

2. How do I create dialogues in Story Creator Mode?

To create dialogues in Story Creator Mode, you will need to use the tool\’s Dialogue Editor. Once in the editor, you can select a character to speak, write their dialogue, and even add choices for the player to make. You can also use variables to create branching paths and create more complex dialogue sequences. It\’s important to note that all dialogue must follow the game\’s established lore and characters to be approved for sharing with other players.

3. Can I share my custom quests and dialogues with other players?

Yes, once you have created your custom quests and dialogues in Story Creator Mode, you can share them with other players. Simply upload them to the Story Creator Mode website, where other players can download and play them. It\’s important to note that all uploaded content must follow Ubisoft\’s content guidelines and be approved by moderators before it can be shared with other players.

4. Are there any limitations to what I can create in Story Creator Mode?

There are some limitations to what you can create in Story Creator Mode. All custom content must follow the game\’s established lore and characters, and must not include any offensive or inappropriate content. Additionally, custom quests cannot award players with in-game rewards or progression, and must be designed purely for entertainment purposes. Lastly, all uploaded content must be approved by moderators before it can be shared with other players.

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