How to Check Your Current Objectives in Metro Exodus

If you\’re playing Metro Exodus, you\’ll know that Artyom always has a never-ending list of tasks to complete. With so much going on, it can be easy to lose track of what your current objectives are. To help you out, we\’ve put together a quick guide on how to check your current tasks.

The game starts in Volga, which is the first open location. Here, Artyom will receive a map that shows all of the current tasks in the game. The map is incredibly useful, as it clearly marks the spot where the next story events will take place. However, what many players don\’t realize is that the map can also be reversed to show a short note about what Artyom needs to do next. To do this, simply press L2 on PS4 or click the left mouse button (after CAPS LOCK).

This feature is particularly handy if you\’ve taken a break from the game and need to quickly refresh your memory about where you left off. With this guide, you\’ll never lose track of your objectives in Metro Exodus again.


1. How do I check my current objectives in Metro Exodus?

To check your current objectives in Metro Exodus, you will need to open up your journal. To do this, simply press the \”Back\” button on your controller (or the Tab key on your keyboard if you\’re playing on PC). Once you have your journal open, you can navigate between the different tabs to view your current objectives, as well as any notes or hints that may be helpful for completing them. It\’s important to check your journal regularly, as it will keep you on track and help you progress through the game.

2. Can I change my current objectives in Metro Exodus?

While you cannot change your primary objectives in Metro Exodus, you can take on side quests and other optional tasks that can help you progress through the game. To access these side quests, you will need to speak with various NPCs throughout the game world and complete certain tasks or objectives for them. These tasks will be added to your journal as secondary objectives, and you can track your progress towards completing them in the same way you would with your primary objectives. Keep in mind that some side quests may only be available during certain parts of the game, so it\’s important to explore and speak with NPCs whenever possible to ensure that you don\’t miss out on any opportunities.

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