How to Change Server Channel in Tower of Fantasy

Learn how to change the server channel in Tower of Fantasy with this guide.

Are you and your friend playing on the same server but unable to locate each other? This guide will help you change the server channel.

This guide will explain the reasons and the process of changing the server channels in Tower of Fantasy.

During your gameplay, you may come across messages in the chat regarding bosses like \”World Boss Robarg on CH 10\”. These bosses are tough to defeat alone, and if you don\’t find them in their location, it\’s probably because they have been killed on that server channel and need to respawn.

That\’s why it\’s essential to specify the server channel while making plans with friends or informing others about the location of the world boss. If you can\’t see your friend in the same location, it means that you are not on the same channel.

To change the server channel, unlock the cursor with the Alt key and move it to where the yellow arrow points. Click on the blue text and enter the channel number you want to join. Remember that you can only change channels every 30 minutes.


1. How do I change my server channel in Tower of Fantasy?

To change your server channel in Tower of Fantasy, simply click on the \”Server\” button at the bottom of the main menu. From there, select the server channel you wish to switch to and confirm your choice. Please note that changing server channels may affect your progress in the game, so be sure to consider any potential consequences before making the switch.

2. Can I switch server channels multiple times in Tower of Fantasy?

Yes, you are able to switch server channels multiple times in Tower of Fantasy. However, keep in mind that each switch may come with its own set of consequences, such as loss of progress or changes in your gameplay experience. It\’s important to carefully consider your options before making any changes to your server channel.

3. Will switching server channels in Tower of Fantasy affect my friends list?

Yes, changing server channels in Tower of Fantasy may affect your friends list. If you switch to a different server channel, you may lose contact with friends who are not on that channel. However, you can always add new friends from your new server channel to your list.

4. Can I transfer my progress from one server channel to another in Tower of Fantasy?

No, it is not currently possible to transfer your progress from one server channel to another in Tower of Fantasy. This means that if you switch server channels, you will have to start over from the beginning. However, if you have multiple accounts on different server channels, you can switch between them at any time.

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