How to Build ZAZ1 in Breathedge

This guide will assist you in constructing ZAZ1, the second vehicle in Breathedge. It includes the locations of the blueprint fragments and instructions on how to build it.

ZAZ1 is a car-like vehicle in Breathedge that provides an unlimited supply of oxygen and has the ability to collect items and resources using its extendable arm. However, it is only 6 m/s faster than the Vacuum Cleaner. You can unlock ZAZ1 by either collecting 3 blueprint fragments or utilizing the Research Table at your base. It is unlocked during Chapter 2 after completing initial tasks and unlocking certain equipment upgrades. Building ZAZ1 requires rare resources.

  • Blueprints
  • Breathedge Energy Core
  • Lycoplasma
  • Construction at the Transport Platform


The first blueprint fragment is located near the Mayo Ship. Fly to the lower part of the wreckage and scan the destroyed ZAZ1.

The second fragment is found between two large fans in a meteorite with a hole on top. Fly inside to find the second ZAZ1 wreck.

The third and final blueprint fragment is located near the bio-module and EMP grenade blueprint location. You will find a small meteorite behind a slow-turning fan emitting white smoke. Get inside to obtain the ZAZ1 Manual.

Breathedge Energy Core

You need rare components to continue constructing ZAZ1. Breathedge Energy Cores are one of them. You can identify them as the ones powering large metal rings with discharges inside. To pick them up, deactivate the ring by throwing an EMP grenade at it. (The blueprint and the components needed to craft it are located below the bio-module next to electrical discharges.) You will need two such cores.


You will also need Lycoplasma. Head to the opposite end of the zone (the lava area) to find it. Use the Grabber to pick up Lycoplasma from between the fireballs. To do this, you must first unlock the Engineered Spacesuit at the Research Table in your base, which will provide protection from high temperatures.

Construction at the Transport Platform

To start constructing ZAZ1, you need the Transport Module blueprint. You can find its fragments as scannable elements on the walls in story locations. The optimal, medium one can be found in the final room of the military module.

You must place the Transport Platform in the Transport Module to begin constructing ZAZ1. You can find its blueprint in the shipwreck opposite the Knight Errant Debris Field.

The first step is to construct both components before selecting the Transport Platform. Once you\’ve selected this, you should then open the vehicle building menu. From here, you can construct ZAZ-1 using the blueprints you\’ve found. It\’s worth noting that the platform also doubles up as a docking space, allowing you to easily store your vehicles.


What is ZAZ1 in Breathedge and why should I build it?

ZAZ1 is a special building in Breathedge that serves as a mobile base. It allows you to move your base to different locations in space and avoid dangerous debris fields. Additionally, ZAZ1 has a built-in oxygen generator and storage, making it a crucial element of your survival strategy.

How do I gather the resources to build ZAZ1 in Breathedge?

Building ZAZ1 requires a significant amount of resources, including metal, plastic, and electronics. You can find these resources by exploring the wreckage of your spaceship and other derelict vessels in space. Some resources can be obtained by breaking down items found in the environment, such as crates and debris. You can also craft resources using a 3D printer.

What are some tips for building ZAZ1 effectively in Breathedge?

When building ZAZ1, it\’s important to plan ahead and gather as many resources as possible before beginning construction. Make sure to place the base in a safe location, away from any debris fields or other hazards. You can also customize the base by adding modules such as a greenhouse or a laboratory. It\’s also important to keep the base well-maintained and repaired, as it can become damaged during your travels through space.

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