How to Beat Necromancer Garris, the Boss in Elden Ring?

This Elden Ring guide will help you defeat Garris, the Necromancer boss, located in the Sage\’s Cave of Altus Plateau.

  • Location
  • Reward for Defeating
  • General Tips
  • How to Defeat?


Garris can be found in the Sage\’s Cave of Altus Plateau.

Reward for Defeating

Defeating Garris will award you with Family Heads flail and 9000 Runes.

General Tips

  1. The boss fight is similar to a regular invader fight.
  2. Before fighting Garris, defeat the bone snail present in the arena.
  3. Keep a short distance from Garris to prevent him from using death magic.
  4. Break his poise with heavy or air attacks.
  5. Parry Garris if he attacks with his flail.
  6. You can summon any spirit ashes during the fight.

How to Defeat?

Begin the fight by defeating the bone snail. When you are separated by a long distance, Garris will start using rancors all the time. Sprint or dodge quickly to avoid them. If you are running away from them, run towards the boss. Apart from standard attacks and death magic, there isn\’t much more to the boss. Just keep attacking him until he dies.


What is Necromancer Garris in Elden Ring?

Necromancer Garris is one of the bosses in Elden Ring and is known for his ability to resurrect his fallen minions. He is a powerful undead sorcerer who wields dark magic and is located in the Undead Crypt area of the game.

What are some tips for defeating Necromancer Garris?

One of the key strategies for defeating Necromancer Garris is to focus on taking out his minions first. This will prevent him from resurrecting them and make the fight much easier. It is also important to stay mobile and avoid getting trapped in the corners of the room. In addition, using ranged attacks and magic can be effective in dealing damage from a safe distance.

What weaknesses does Necromancer Garris have?

Necromancer Garris is weak to lightning damage, so using lightning-based weapons or spells can deal extra damage to him. He is also vulnerable to fire damage, so using fire-based attacks can be effective as well. However, it is important to note that he is resistant to dark and poison damage, so it is best to avoid using those types of attacks.

What rewards can be obtained from defeating Necromancer Garris?

Defeating Necromancer Garris will reward players with a large amount of souls and access to the next area of the game. In addition, players may receive unique weapons or items that can only be obtained by defeating this boss. It is always worth taking the time to defeat bosses like Necromancer Garris to reap these rewards and progress further in the game.

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