How to Activate Gorefest in The Quarry?

A Guide to Walkthrough The Quarry

If you are a fan of gory and brutal scenes and above 18 years of age, then the Bloodbath option called Gorefest is tailor-made for you. Follow the instructions given on this website to activate it.

In this section of The Quarry guide, you will learn about Gorefest, a special option that intensifies the brutality of the game by adding more blood and gruesome scenes.

  • Deluxe Edition
  • Gorefest

Deluxe Edition

The Gorefest option is exclusively available with the Deluxe Edition, which costs $69.99. The Deluxe Edition includes:

  1. The complete version of The Quarry,
  2. 80\’s style character costumes,
  3. Instant access to the death reversal system,
  4. \”Gorefest\” option in movie mode,
  5. A set of visual filters inspired by horror movies.


Once you activate Gorefest, the game will become much bloodier and brutal. However, it is important to note that this feature only works in movie mode, turning the game into a non-interactive spectacle.


1. What is The Quarry: Gorefest?

The Quarry: Gorefest is a special game mode in the popular first-person shooter game Minecraft. It is a team-based game mode where players must mine resources, build fortifications, and defend against waves of monsters. The goal is to survive as long as possible and earn rewards for successful rounds.

2. How do I enable The Quarry: Gorefest?

To enable The Quarry: Gorefest, you must have the Minecraft Java Edition version 1.16.1 or higher. Once you have the correct version, you can enable the game mode by selecting it from the list of available game modes when creating a new world. Alternatively, you can enable it on an existing world by using the /gamemode command and specifying The Quarry: Gorefest mode.

3. What are some tips for surviving in The Quarry: Gorefest?

Surviving in The Quarry: Gorefest can be challenging, but there are some tips that can help. Firstly, make sure to gather resources and build fortifications quickly to fend off the waves of monsters. Collaborate with your team to ensure everyone has a specific role to play. It\’s also essential to have a good understanding of each type of monster and their weaknesses. Finally, be prepared for the boss rounds, as they can be particularly challenging. Stockpile resources and weapons and work together to defeat the boss and earn rewards.

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