How to Acquire Handles and Triggers in Vampyr?

Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough

Enhancing and upgrading weapons is possible in Vampyr by making improvements at the handicraft table. Handles and triggers are essential components to create the best weapons in Vampyr. Refer below for information on how to acquire them.

Weapon Upgrades with Materials

  • Upgrade your weapon to a higher level, which significantly increases damage dealt and unlocks additional skills. However, fragments of handles or triggers are typically required to improve your weapon.
  • There are a few ways to obtain them. Each district has two merchants – check out the military traffickers. At Pembroke Hospital, for example, Milton Hooks is a merchant who frequently sells handles and triggers for improvements. The assortment of traders is refreshed and changes over time.
  • Another way to obtain crafting items is by defeating enemies. Handles and triggers are especially abundant when fighting against rifle-armed enemies.
  • For better quality crafting items, wait until later stages in the game. As you progress, you\’ll unlock better quality materials, allowing you to create level 4 and 5 weapons.
  • You can also acquire additional crafting material by disassembling items in the safehouse.


1. What are handles and triggers in Vampyr?

Handles and triggers are two important components in the game Vampyr. Handles are objects that can be interacted with, such as doors, cabinets, and other items. Triggers are events that are triggered when a player interacts with a handle, such as a door opening or an item being picked up. Understanding how to use handles and triggers is essential for progressing through the game and completing quests.

2. How do I find handles in Vampyr?

Handles can be found throughout the game world in Vampyr. They are often located on doors, cabinets, and other objects that can be interacted with. Handles can also be found on items that can be picked up, such as books and notes. To find handles, players should explore the game world and interact with objects that appear to be interactive. It is also important to pay attention to quest objectives, as they often require players to interact with specific handles in order to progress.

3. How do I use triggers in Vampyr?

Triggers are used in Vampyr to create events that are triggered by specific actions, such as interacting with a handle. To use triggers, players must first identify the trigger they want to use. Triggers can be found in the game\’s quest objectives or by exploring the game world. Once a trigger has been identified, players must then interact with the associated handle in order to trigger the event. Triggers can be used to progress through the game, complete quests, and unlock new items and abilities.

4. What are some tips for using handles and triggers effectively in Vampyr?

One of the most important tips for using handles and triggers effectively in Vampyr is to pay attention to quest objectives. Quest objectives often require players to interact with specific handles and triggers in order to progress. Another tip is to explore the game world thoroughly, as handles and triggers can be found in unexpected places. Finally, players should experiment with different handles and triggers to discover new events and hidden secrets in the game.

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