How to Access the Weapons Cache and Interrogate Penguin in Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: AK Guide

Our guide to Batman: Arkham Knight provides instructions on how to access the weapons cache and interrogate Penguin. Batman and Nightwing must also confront a gang of bandits.

To reach Penguin, use the ventilation shafts to get directly below him. Enter the building and locate the hatch in the floor. In the next room, find the entrance to the ventilation shaft and proceed through it. This will take you directly below Penguin. Take him hostage by pressing the appropriate key/button. During the interrogation, be prepared to counterattack when necessary as a fight may ensue.

Fortunately, Nightwing can assist during the battles in this location. You can switch between Batman and Nightwing as needed. Keep an eye out for the Dual Team Takedown opportunity and use it with Nightwing to defeat all of Penguin\’s thugs.


1. How do I access the weapons cache in the main story mission \”Interrogate Penguin?\”

In order to access the weapons cache in the \”Interrogate Penguin\” mission, you must first make your way through the Penguin\’s ship. Once you reach the room with the electrified floor, use your disruptor to disable the generator on the left side of the room. This will deactivate the electricity and allow you to access the weapons cache in the back of the room.

2. What weapons can be found in the cache in the \”Interrogate Penguin\” mission?

The weapons cache in the \”Interrogate Penguin\” mission contains a variety of weapons, including the disruptor, the remote electrical charge, and the freeze blast. These weapons can be incredibly useful in taking down enemies and solving puzzles throughout the mission.

3. How do I interrogate Penguin in the \”Interrogate Penguin\” mission?

To interrogate Penguin in the \”Interrogate Penguin\” mission, you must first defeat all of his henchmen in the final room of the ship. Once they have been taken care of, approach Penguin and press the button prompt that appears on the screen. This will trigger a cutscene in which you can interrogate him for information.

4. What information can be gained from interrogating Penguin in the \”Interrogate Penguin\” mission?

Interrogating Penguin in the \”Interrogate Penguin\” mission can provide valuable information about the other villains in the game, including the Joker and Two-Face. He can also provide insight into his own operations and plans, which can help Batman take down his criminal empire.

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