Hitchhiker – 3

This is a guide and walkthrough for GTA 5.

Any character can do this mission.

The location is The East Joshua Road near the highway in the Eastern part of the map, to the North-East of Sandy Shores.

When you stop next to the hitchhiker standing on the road, she will ask you to take her to her boyfriend\’s workplace at the Vinewood sign in the central part of the map. Once you arrive there, the jealous boyfriend will attack your character. You have two options: either shoot/kill him (but watch out for another guard who may join the fight), or ignore him and drive away.

Note that if you are playing as Trevor, there is an alternate way to complete this mission. You can take the woman to the Altruist cult\’s headquarters, located at the foot of Mount Chiliad in the North-Western part of the map (letter A on the world map). If you deliver the man to the Altruist cult, you will be rewarded with 1000 dollars.

The rewards for completing this event are:

  • 1000 dollars (if you take the hitchhiker to the Altruist cult)
  • +5 to your driving skill


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