Hearts of Stone – Achievements / Trophies

The following is a list of all thirteen achievements from the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game.

Wild Rose Dethorned

Eliminate all the fallen knights of the Order of the Flaming Rose and loot their camp.

How to obtain it:

This achievement is fairly easy to get. The atlas map in this guide can help you. You must destroy 8 bandit camps that are guarded by the fallen knights, former members of the Order of the Flaming Rose. After clearing the last camp and killing all the knights there, the achievement will be unlocked.

I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool

Acquire all pieces of the ofieri armor, horse equipment, and at least one sword.

How to obtain it:

Ofieri merchant

To obtain this achievement/trophy, you must collect all four parts of the ofieri armor set, which can be found during the From Ofier\’s Distant Shores quest. The quest is given by the Ofieri merchant (M1,6). You can also participate in the Races: Swift as a Western Wind with the merchant, but you only have one chance to win. If you win, you will receive a horse saddle. You can also purchase the Ofieri sable diagram, horse blinders, and horse saddlebags from the same merchant. However, the blinders and saddlebags are unavailable in version 1.10 of the game.

Remember that you must craft the sabre – having the diagram is not enough. Other, worse ofieri sabres are quite common and sufficient for unlocking the achievement/trophy.

Killed It

Win a round of gwent with a total strength of at least 187 points.

How to obtain it:

It doesn\’t matter who you win against. Maximize the number of points in your deck, use as many spy cards and medics as possible, and remove the weakest cards. Decoy and Clear Weather cards will also be useful. It is important to win the first round with as few losses as possible – you can reduce the Gwent difficulty level in the game options menu.

Can Quit Anytime I Want

Be under the influence of seven potions or decoctions at once.

How to obtain it:

Once you drink 7 potions, the toxicity level will be full and you will start losing health

This achievement can be unlocked almost anytime. You just need to be under the influence of seven different potions or decoctions (alcohol or food doesn\’t count). Be careful, as the toxicity level will probably immediately start reducing your health.

The catch is that the minimum toxicity of potions is 15 and the default Geralt\’s maximum is 100. Therefore, you must select the seven least toxic potions and activate them in the order of the longest working ones. While the elixirs are active and the toxicity is reducing, you will be able to use the next ones.

Rad Steez, Bro!

Slide downhill continuously for at least 10 seconds.

To achieve this, you need to climb a high mountain from which you can slide. Not every mountain is suitable as you must slide for ten seconds, and some mountains have various angles, which might cause you to unintentionally stop at some points. A perfect track can be found on the An Skellig island, near the Yngvar\’s Fang quick travel point. You must simply get to the top and slide down to the bottom without stopping or rolling.


Kill 20 cows.

You can find more than a dozen cows during the day in a pasture near Martin Feuille\’s Farmstead in the northeastern Velen. If it\’s not enough to obtain the achievement, meditate for a few hours. You can easily kill the cows that are trying to escape with a crossbow. The creatures will fall after a single shot.

Pacta Sunt Servanda

Finish the \”Hearts of Stone\” expansion pack.

To unlock this achievement, complete the main story of the game, which ends after the \”Whatsoever a Man Soweth…\” quest. It doesn\’t matter which ending you receive. The trophy/achievement will be unlocked for both the bad and good endings.

Let the Good Time Roll!

Participate in all wedding activities.

You can unlock this achievement during the Dead Man\’s Party quest by participating in all available activities. The activities include drinking with the girls near the entrance, going with Shani to the first floor of the stable and sitting with her there, talking with the girl sitting under the tree in the corner of the area, fishing Shani\’s boot from the pond, using the Axii sign to chase the pig, playing Gwent with halflings, dancing alone in the stable, drinking with dwarves in the stable, and finding the fire eater by talking to the parents of the bride.

I\’m Not Kissing That

Kill the prince cursed into a toad.

You will unlock this achievement at the end of the Evil\’s Soft First Touches quest by defeating the prince cursed into a toad in Oxenfurt\’s sewers.


Purchase all items available at the auction in Borsodi\’s house.

How to obtain:

While completing the Open Sesame! – part I quest, you will reach an auction where you can participate. To achieve this trophy/achievement, you must win all three items that are for sale. In the worst-case scenario, you will need 710 crowns (or 670, of which 100 can be borrowed from Vimme when he asks you about participation just before the auction). For more detailed information, refer to the quest chapter.

Curator of Nightmares

Recreate all of Iris\’ nightmares in the Painted World.

How to obtain:

While completing the Scenes From a Marriage quest, you will encounter various scenes from the lives of Olgierd and Iris that have been frozen in time. You must fill each scene with the correct object or position them according to a specific pattern. To unlock this achievement, you must find and fix all eight scenes. For more detailed information, refer to the quest chapter.

When it\’s Many Against One…

Provoke all of Iris von Everec\’s Nightmares to fight you at once and defeat them.

How to obtain:

During the Scenes From a Marriage quest, at the end, you will face Iris\’ Nightmare in the form of Olgierd. There will be six copies of the same person in the room. If you don\’t attack them, they will remain motionless until the \”Olgierd\” currently fighting dies. To obtain this achievement, you must provoke all six opponents to join the battle by attacking each of them. It is recommended to lower the difficulty level for this battle. If possible, try to attack them one by one. For more information, refer to the quest chapter.

Return to Sender

Kill three opponents with their own arrows.

How to obtain:

The Arrow Deflection skill – some players like it, others don\’t, but you must have it to unlock this achievement.

This achievement/trophy is relatively easy to obtain, and you can do it in any location, either in the original game or the Hearts of Stone expansion area. To achieve it, you must kill three crossbowmen with their own bolts.

To complete this task, you need to have the Arrow Deflection skill, preferably at the third level, as it not only deflects bolts with your sword, but it also directs them towards an opponent with increased damage. The achievement/trophy can be obtained in most bandit camps guarded by crossbowmen, which means that you can get it in almost all hideouts included in the Hearts of Stone expansion. To make this challenge easier, it is best to choose the lowest difficulty level.

In the eastern part of Velen, near the ruins of Kilkerinn, lies the perfect camp where you can find three crossbowmen. To defeat them, approach the bandit camp from the side of the stairs and wait for one of them to start shooting at you. Watch the bolt carefully and press L2 (PS4), LT (Xbox Controller), or RMB (mouse on PC) at the right moment to deflect it. Make sure the bolt is directly in front of Geralt. After defeating the first crossbowman, lure the remaining bandits away and defeat them. Then, make the other crossbowmen attack you and defeat them according to the achievement/trophy requirements.

To make the fight easier, use Quen to nullify the damage you receive. Keep your distance from the crossbowmen to avoid being attacked with melee weapons instead of crossbows. Remember that staying further away from ranged opponents gives Geralt more time to react to incoming bolts.


What are the Hearts of Stone Achievements/Trophies?

The Hearts of Stone Achievements/Trophies are a set of goals that players can complete while playing the Hearts of Stone expansion pack for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These achievements/trophies are awarded to players for completing various quests, defeating certain enemies, and exploring the world of The Witcher 3.

How many Hearts of Stone Achievements/Trophies are there?

There are a total of 13 Hearts of Stone Achievements/Trophies that players can earn while playing the expansion pack. These achievements/trophies range in difficulty, with some being relatively easy to earn, while others require a bit more skill and time investment.

What are some tips for earning Hearts of Stone Achievements/Trophies?

One of the best tips for earning Hearts of Stone Achievements/Trophies is to explore as much of the world as possible. Many of the achievements/trophies are awarded for completing side quests and finding hidden treasures scattered throughout the game world. Additionally, it\’s important to pay attention to the objectives of each quest and to take your time when facing difficult enemies. Finally, staying patient and persistent is key to earning all of the Hearts of Stone Achievements/Trophies.

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