Guide to Romances and General Information in GreedFall

This is a walkthrough guide for GreedFall.

In this chapter, you will find general information on how to engage in romantic relationships with your companions in the game.

  • Who can you romance in GreedFall?
  • How can you initiate a romantic relationship with a companion?
  • Can you have multiple romantic partners in GreedFall?

Who can you romance in GreedFall?

In terms of romance, you can build a relationship with the following companions:

  1. Kurt, who joins you at the beginning of the game.
  2. Vasco, who joins your team after completing the prologue and the main mission of The Great Expedition.
  3. Siora, whom you meet when you first visit Constantine\’s Palace in New Serene.
  4. Petrus, who joins you after completing the mission Old Countries in the New World.
  5. Aphra, who joins you after the main mission Scientific Expedition.

How can you initiate a romantic relationship with a companion?

The first step is to complete all side missions assigned by them. This will boost your relationship and unlock new dialogue options.

Be careful when talking to them, as you can ruin the romance by selecting the wrong answer. There is only one \”correct\” answer that will let you reach your companion\’s heart and lead to further increase of the relationship.

If you respond positively to their questions, the companion will offer a date the next time you speak. You need to go to the mansion, for example, in New Serene and go upstairs to the bedroom. There, the companion will ask you if you want to spend the night with them. If you say yes, you will see a short cut-scene.

The next day, the companion will declare their love. Be careful, if you reciprocate, you will block any further romance, which may prevent you from acquiring platinum on PS4. So, save the game before choosing to say yes.

Can you have multiple romantic partners in GreedFall?

If you confess your love to even one companion, you will no longer be able to sleep with another companion.


What is GreedFall?

GreedFall is an action role-playing game developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game is set in a fantasy world inspired by the 17th century Europe, where players take on the role of De Sardet, a diplomat who is sent to an uncharted island called Teer Fradee. The island is home to a variety of factions and creatures, and players must navigate through political intrigue, combat, and exploration to uncover the mysteries of the island.

What are romances in GreedFall?

Romances in GreedFall are a gameplay mechanic that allows players to pursue romantic relationships with certain characters in the game. The romances are optional and do not affect the overall story, but they do provide additional dialogue options and can affect the ending of the game. There are five romanceable characters in the game, each with their own preferences and storylines. Players must make choices and complete quests to build a relationship with their chosen character.

How do I romance a character in GreedFall?

To romance a character in GreedFall, players must first build a relationship with them by completing quests and making choices that align with their interests and beliefs. Once the relationship has progressed, players will have the option to initiate a romance conversation with their chosen character. The conversation will reveal whether the character is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship or not. If the character is interested, players must continue to make choices that align with their interests and complete their personal quests to progress the relationship further.

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