Guide to Obtaining Wideys Golden Key in Return to Monkey Island

If you\’re playing Return to Monkey Island and looking for a way to get the Widey Bones golden key, look no further. In this walkthrough, we\’ll explain how to find Widey and recover the stolen key.

In Chapter 4, you\’ll need to acquire a set of golden keys, and one of them is Widey\’s Golden Key. Follow our guide to find Widey on Melee Island and retrieve the key stolen by Iron Rose.

  • Meeting Widey Bones
  • Recovering Widey\’s golden key

Meeting Widey Bones

Widey Bones is an elderly woman residing on Melee Island. You\’ll have met her in Chapter 1, and in Chapter 4, you\’ll run into her again after discovering the safe with five keyholes at the voodoo shop. Talk to Widey about the keys, and she\’ll inform you that she has one of them. However, she\’ll only give it to you if you have at least two others.

After obtaining two other golden keys, go back to High Street on Melee Island and find Widey, who will be standing in a window on the upper floor. She\’ll tell you that her golden key has been stolen by Iron Rose, a member of LeChuck\’s crew.

Recovering Widey\’s Golden Key

Return to Guybrush\’s ship and sail to LeChuck\’s Ship. This time, you can board it without being thrown overboard. Find Apple Bob on the upper deck and ask him about Iron Rose.

Next, travel to Ship\’s Hold, where Chapter 2 began. Look to the left for Chicken Feed and use it on the Ghost Chicken, who has a golden key. The location of the chicken and key is marked in the picture.

Exit and re-enter the hold to retrieve the Golden Key.


What is Return to Monkey Island: Widey\’s Golden Key?

Return to Monkey Island: Widey\’s Golden Key is a fan-made game that follows the story of the original Monkey Island series. The game features Guybrush Threepwood, the main protagonist, on a new adventure to find the legendary treasure of the pirate Widey. The game is created in a classic point-and-click style, with a mix of comedy and puzzles that will challenge players to use their wit and problem-solving skills.

How do I play Return to Monkey Island: Widey\’s Golden Key?

To play Return to Monkey Island: Widey\’s Golden Key, you will need to download the game from the creator\’s website. The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Once you have downloaded the game, simply extract the files and run the executable file to start playing. The game is played using a mouse, where you can click on objects and characters to interact with them. You can also talk to other characters in the game to gather information and clues to help you progress through the story. Good luck and happy adventuring!

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