Guide to Mining Time! Side Quest in My Time at Sandrock

This guide will help you complete the Mining Time! side quest in My Time at Sandrock. This quest is associated with a visit to the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins and is the first one that will help you obtain Copper Ore.

Completing this quest will earn you 50 EXP, 60 Gols, and 10 Relationship points with Rocky. The quest has a time limit of 5 days.

Take the Crane Lift

To start the quest, you need to complete the Picking Up The Slack quest. Once done, Rocky will ask you to collect 10 pieces of Copper Ore. Use the newly built Crane Lift and head left to reach the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins. The entrance is glowing blue and is easy to spot.

Collect Ore

Once you\’re inside the mine, use the Pickhammer to collect Copper Ore from the deposits or dig into the ground. You only need a few hits to collect the required amount. Be careful of red barrels; they will explode if you get too close.

Once you have 10 pieces of Copper Ore, leave the mines and use the Crane Lift to return to Rocky. Hand over the Copper Ore to complete the quest.


What is My Time at Sandrock: Mining Time?

My Time at Sandrock: Mining Time is a simulation video game that allows players to experience the life of a miner in the fictional town of Sandrock. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must mine resources, craft items, and build relationships with the inhabitants of Sandrock. The game features a day and night cycle, where players must manage their time efficiently to complete tasks and progress through the game.

How do I progress through the game?

To progress through the game, players must complete tasks given by the inhabitants of Sandrock. These tasks range from mining resources to crafting items and building structures. As players complete tasks, they will earn experience points and level up, unlocking new skills and abilities. Players must also build relationships with the inhabitants of Sandrock, as they will offer new tasks and help players progress through the game. Managing time efficiently is crucial to progress through the game, as players only have a limited amount of time each day to complete tasks.

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