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Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey has a wide variety of quests, ranging from crucial and intricate main missions to smaller tasks (usually random) that can reward you with XP or better gear. This page provides essential details and advice on quests, such as how to access them, the types of quests available, and the rewards you can receive for completing them. Complete walkthroughs for all quests can be found in separate sections.

contain hidden treasures or in locations that you can explore on your own. Keep an eye out for such items because they may prove useful later on. Additionally, some side quests may require you to collect specific items before you can start them. Make sure to check your inventory and collect the necessary items before attempting to start those quests.

Main quests

Main quests are the main storyline of Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey. They will guide you through the game and introduce you to the main characters and events of the story. Completing main quests is necessary to progress through the game and unlock new areas and abilities.

These quests are marked with a golden icon on the map and are divided into several chapters. Each chapter consists of several quests that are linked together and lead to a major story event.

Main quests are usually longer and more complex than side quests. They often involve multiple objectives, require you to travel to different locations, and involve combat with challenging enemies.

Side quests

Side quests are optional quests that you can complete to gain additional experience, drachmae, and equipment. They are marked with a blue icon on the map and can be found in various locations throughout the game world.

Side quests are usually shorter and simpler than main quests. They often involve completing a single objective, such as delivering an item or defeating a specific enemy. However, some side quests may have multiple objectives and involve more complex gameplay mechanics.

Completing side quests is a great way to gain additional experience and level up your character. They also provide a break from the main storyline and allow you to explore the game world and interact with its inhabitants.

Which tasks are random quests?

Random quests are quests that are generated randomly and do not appear on the map until you are in close proximity to them. These quests can involve a variety of objectives, such as rescuing a captive or defeating a group of bandits.

Random quests are marked with a purple icon on the map and can be a great way to gain additional experience and loot. However, they can also be challenging, as they often involve combat with multiple enemies or a time limit.

Keep an eye out for NPCs who may offer you random quests, as they can be a great way to gain additional rewards and experience while exploring the game world.

Items required for quests can be found in areas with enemies, but obtaining them won\’t prevent you from starting the related quest. Instead, you can give them directly to the quest giver. Quest items have their own slots in your inventory.

All main quests in Assassin\’s Creed: Odyssey are located in the Odyssey tab of your journal. Some have multiple minor Support Quests that aid in progressing the parent quest. If left incomplete, these will be moved to the side quests tab. Chapters may offer several main quests at once, which can be completed in any order.

Later in the game, a group of quests called Cultists will appear in their own tab. These missions involve eliminating the Cultists of Kosmos, and many require a high level. However, they are not necessary to complete immediately, and players can focus on other quests to progress through the main campaign.

Side quests appear in two tabs of the journal: World and Characters, and Bounties and Contracts. The former consists of larger quests, while the latter is a series of smaller, randomly generated missions. Almost all side quests must be found by the player, either through quest markers on the world map or bulletin boards in towns.

Random quests come in two types: time-limited quests marked with an hourglass icon, and quests marked with a crossroads icon which can appear in various locations and involve different tasks.


1. What is the best way to level up quickly in AC Odyssey?

The best way to level up quickly in AC Odyssey is to focus on completing main story quests and side quests. These quests offer the most experience points and will help you level up faster. Additionally, make sure to complete any objectives or challenges within these quests, as they can also provide bonus XP. Another way to gain XP quickly is to participate in conquest battles, which can be found on the world map. These battles offer a large amount of XP upon completion. Finally, make sure to keep your gear and weapons up to date, as higher level gear can provide additional bonuses to XP gain.

2. How do I find all the cultists in AC Odyssey?

To find all the cultists in AC Odyssey, you will need to progress through the main story quests and complete side quests. As you progress, you will uncover more information about the cult and their members, which will help you identify and locate them. Additionally, make sure to collect any clues or notes about the cult and their activities, as these can provide valuable information about their members. Finally, you can also use the in-game map to track down cultists and their locations, as they will be marked with a specific icon.

3. What is the best way to upgrade my ship in AC Odyssey?

The best way to upgrade your ship in AC Odyssey is to focus on completing naval quests and defeating enemy ships. These quests and battles will provide you with resources, which can be used to upgrade your ship\’s hull, sails, and weapons. Additionally, make sure to collect any treasure and loot you come across during your travels, as these can also provide resources for upgrades. Finally, make sure to recruit new crew members and assign them to various roles on your ship, as this can provide additional bonuses to your ship\’s abilities and performance.

4. How do I unlock new abilities in AC Odyssey?

To unlock new abilities in AC Odyssey, you will need to level up and acquire ability points. These points can be earned by completing main story quests, side quests, and other activities such as defeating enemies and looting treasure. Once you have enough ability points, you can use them to unlock new abilities in the game\’s skill tree. Make sure to choose abilities that fit your playstyle and complement your current gear and weapons. Additionally, make sure to upgrade your abilities as you level up, as this will provide additional bonuses and perks.

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