Guide to Escaping the Church in Metro Exodus

Learn how to survive and unlock the good ending in Metro Exodus with our guide.

The church is a crucial part of Metro Exodus, as it determines the fate of your companions and the game\’s ending. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough to help you make the right decision.

Head towards the shore and climb up the stairs to find Nastya. She will lead you to her room where you will meet her mother, Katya. After a brief introduction, they will ask you to summon the guards. This is where you have to make a choice that will impact the rest of the chapter, the fate of your companions, and the game\’s ending. You can either choose to escape quietly (the \”good\” option leading to positive endings) or take the combat path (the \”bad\” option). More information on the choices can be found in a separate section to avoid spoilers.

  • Offensive option – fight your way through the enemies
  • Stealth option – escape the church undetected
  • Meeting Knyaz

Offensive option – fight your way through the enemies

Wait until the soldiers barge into the room and shoot them. You can exit through the window or the door, but it\’s better to choose the window to reach the boat quickly. On the way, you will encounter several enemies, but since you chose the combat option, you can eliminate them one by one. The advantage of this option is that you can explore the bandits\’ headquarters and collect useful items and notes. Once you\’ve defeated all the enemies, use the reel to reach the boat and leave the church area.

Stealth option – escape the church undetected

When you arrive at the Volga, you will see the church. After disembarking from the boat, the church will be blocked, and you will need to go upstairs and talk to a mother and her child. After the conversation, jump out of the window and silently eliminate the enemy on the first staircase. Another enemy is standing a bit further, so eliminate him as well. Next, go downstairs and eliminate the enemies quietly. You can use cans to distract them and get their attention. If you stun a large number of enemies, they will surrender, allowing you to explore freely. Finally, head to the makeshift port and use the mechanism to get a new boat. After getting on the boat, you can leave the church area.

Encountering Knyaz

Irrespective of the option chosen, depart from the church by boat. Anna will get in touch with you – if you prefer a peaceful route, then the lady should mention in her message that she is pleased to have resolved the issue without any violence. As you sail, you will encounter sea monsters – defend yourself against their attacks, and eventually, you will arrive at Knyaz. Bid farewell to the man and learn about another task to carry out in Volga. Head back to the train and update Miller about your situation.


What is Metro Exodus: Escaping the Church?

Metro Exodus: Escaping the Church is a level in the popular first-person shooter game, Metro Exodus. This level takes place in a church that has been converted into a heavily fortified bandit stronghold. The player must navigate through the church while fighting off bandits and finding a way to escape.

What are some tips for completing Metro Exodus: Escaping the Church?

One tip for completing this level is to be stealthy whenever possible. The bandits are heavily armed and can quickly overwhelm the player if they are caught off guard. Use the shadows and cover to sneak around and take out enemies silently.

Another tip is to search every corner of the church for supplies and ammunition. The player will need all the resources they can find to survive the level. Look for hidden rooms and passages that may contain valuable items.

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