Guide to Controlling Xbox One

Step-by-step guide to controlling the game

The following section of the guide will provide a description of the Xbox One controls for the game.




Adjust Aiming Parameters

Hold – Shield Ability

Weapon Aiming


Shoot Ability




One Click – Change Weapons. When the Enemy\’s Health is Low, Hold Square to Possess Them

Jump, Levitation



Camera Movement


Please note that many of the heroine\’s abilities will only be unlocked in later stages of the game.


What are the basic controls for Xbox One?

The Xbox One controller has the standard layout of two joysticks, a D-pad, four face buttons, two triggers, two bumpers, and a menu button. The left joystick controls movement, while the right joystick controls the camera. The D-pad can be used for quick actions such as changing weapons or navigating menus. The face buttons are labeled A, B, X, and Y and are used for various in-game actions. The triggers and bumpers are used for actions such as shooting, throwing grenades, or activating special abilities. The menu button is used to access the Xbox One dashboard and pause the game. Additionally, the controller has a built-in audio jack for headsets.

Can I customize the controls on my Xbox One controller?

Yes, the Xbox One allows for customization of controller settings. Users can remap buttons, adjust stick sensitivity, and invert the Y-axis for the camera controls. This can be done through the Xbox Accessories app which is available for free on the Xbox One console or Windows 10 devices. Additionally, some games may also have their own control customization options within the game settings.

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