Guide to Completing Side Missions in Life is Strange True Colors: Chapter 2

This is a walkthrough for the side missions in Episode 2 of Life is Strange 3.

In this page, you will find a guide to complete all the available side missions in Chapter 2 (Lanterns).

  • Birdwatcher
  • Hoodie Guy


As soon as you leave the bar, go to the park to start this short mission that will improve Alex\’s mood.

In the park, you will find a sad woman who is looking for a bird.

Talk to her and then go to the edge of the park and turn left. You will see a big tree behind the wall where a white bird is perched.

Return to the woman and inform her of the bird\’s location. She will be grateful to you.

Hoodie Guy

While looking for Steph, you will meet a young man in the vinyl shop who is upset because his dog Chrissy is missing.

Examine his thoughts and find out that Chrissy has already been found.

Turn around and check the notice board to see that someone has found Chrissy.

Inform the man and he will happily call the person who has found Chrissy.


1. What are the side missions in Life is Strange True Colors: Chapter 2?

In Chapter 2 of Life is Strange True Colors, there are several side missions that players can complete for additional rewards and character development. These include:

  • Steph\’s Jukebox: Players can help Steph by finding and playing songs on her jukebox at the Black Lantern.
  • Ryan\’s Free Samples: Players can assist Ryan by delivering free samples of his craft beer around Haven Springs.
  • Charlotte\’s Birdwatching: Players can join Charlotte in her quest to spot rare birds in the town\’s surroundings.
  • Eleanor\’s Forgiveness: Players can help Eleanor by finding her lost necklace, which holds sentimental value to her.

2. How do I start the side missions in Chapter 2?

In order to start the side missions in Life is Strange True Colors: Chapter 2, players need to explore Haven Springs and interact with the various characters. The missions can be triggered by talking to the relevant characters or by finding certain items in the environment. It\’s important to pay attention to the dialogue and clues given by the characters in order to progress through the missions.

3. What rewards do I get for completing the side missions?

Completing the side missions in Life is Strange True Colors: Chapter 2 can yield various rewards, such as experience points, collectibles, and character development. Some of the missions can also affect the main story and lead to different outcomes. Additionally, completing all the side missions can unlock an achievement for the player.

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