Guide to Completing Mission 52 Military Hardware in GTA 5

This guide provides a walkthrough for Mission 52, also known as \”Military Hardware,\” in Grand Theft Auto V. The mission involves ambushing a military convoy and stealing one of their trucks.

  • General information about Mission 52 – Military Hardware
  • Full walkthrough for Mission 52 – Military Hardware
  • Rewards and challenges for completing Mission 52 – Military Hardware

General Information about Mission 52 – Military Hardware

Unlocking the mission: Complete Main Mission 51 (Paleto Score Setup) and wait for a text message from Lester. This will trigger the appearance of the Hs icon, which represents the military convoy en route to Fort Zancudo.

Playable character: Trevor

Additional information: The goal of this mission is to steal a military truck from the convoy as part of the preparations for a bank heist in Paleto Bay. Using sticky bombs and a scoped weapon (like a sniper rifle) is the best way to attack the convoy. If you don\’t have this equipment, visit an Ammu-Nation store before starting the mission.

Full Walkthrough for Mission 52 – Military Hardware

Plant a sticky bomb on the road

The mission begins when the convoy approaches or when you attack from a distance. Learn the route of the convoy and stop several hundred meters ahead of it. Select a sticky bomb from your inventory and place it on the road.

Detonate the bomb at the right time

Walk away from the road and hide on a nearby hill. Wait for the convoy to approach. Detonate the explosive in front of the first off-road car in the convoy, or wait until you can damage it (but not too much!). The latter option makes it harder to complete the mission with a 100% score.

Eliminate soldiers from a distance

Quickly switch to a scoped weapon, like a sniper rifle, and shoot the soldiers that come out of the cars in the convoy. Target their heads and use distance to your advantage. Eliminate all of the soldiers this way.

End of the mission

You don\’t need to worry about police reinforcements. Approach the vehicles in the convoy and get into the truck (Barracks). Take the truck back to the meth lab and park it near the garage.

Rewards and Challenges for Completing Mission 52 – Military Hardware

Rewards for completing the mission: none

Requirements for completing the mission with a 100% score:

  1. Head Hunter – Kill 5 soldiers by shooting them in the head.
  2. Sticky Strategist – Stop the convoy using a sticky bomb.


What is the Military Hardware mission in GTA 5?

The Military Hardware is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V where the player has to steal a military hardware shipment for Trevor Philips. The mission is triggered by visiting Trevor\’s trailer in Sandy Shores. Once the mission starts, the player must go to the military base, steal a cargo plane loaded with weapons and deliver it to Trevor\’s airstrip. The mission involves a lot of shooting and driving, and the player must use their skills to evade the military\’s pursuit and complete the mission successfully.

How can I complete the Military Hardware mission in GTA 5?

To complete the Military Hardware mission in GTA 5, the player must first equip themselves with weapons and armor before heading to the military base. Once inside the base, the player must avoid detection and steal the cargo plane loaded with weapons. The player must then fly the plane to Trevor\’s airstrip and avoid getting shot down by the military. Once the player lands the plane safely, the mission is complete. It\’s important to note that the mission can be difficult and requires good shooting and driving skills. The player may need to replay the mission a few times to complete it successfully.

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