Guide to Completing A Mothers Love Quest in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One at the Hotel

This walkthrough for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One game guide provides a comprehensive guide to completing the quest \”A Mother\’s Love\” at the hotel. This quest starts the game and you can earn the Poor Sportsmanship achievement on this quest. We have provided a detailed description of the tasks required to complete this quest at the hotel.

In this guide, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of the \”A Mother\’s Love\” quest in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. We have described all the tasks that need to be done at the hotel to reach the seance room. This is the starting point of the game where you can learn the basic mechanics. We have also included information on how to obtain the Poor Sportsmanship achievement.

  • Reception desk
  • Room 221
  • Medium
  • Portrait
  • Waiting for the medium
  • Cane
  • Questioning the guests
  • Navy officer
  • Entering the seance room

Reception desk

Your first task is to reach the reception desk. After a brief conversation, you will be given access to room 221. It is located on the first floor on the right side of the building. You can reach it using any of the stairs. The first floor is connected by a corridor, so you can move around freely. At this point, you have access to the entire main part of the hotel but not to the rooms of individual guests. You can explore the area first if you want.

Room 221

Once you have received information about the room, proceed upstairs. An employee will be standing in front of your room and will inform you that the room is still being cleaned, so you cannot use it yet. This will give you ample time to explore the hotel.


While exploring the hotel, Watson will notice that there is a medium performing tonight. John wants to see it, saying that they have nothing better to do anyway.


When you look at the information about the medium, an artist will approach you. He wants to sketch a portrait of Sherlock. You cannot refuse him. After a brief conversation, you will receive your portrait.

Waiting for the medium

John wants to wait for the medium. You need to sit at the table he chooses. Please note that in order to sit at the table, you must complete all the tasks mentioned above. Let us repeat them and add a few more:

  1. Firstly, you need to talk to the receptionist;
  2. Then with the employee at room 221;
  3. Next, you will see the poster announcing the medium;
  4. You will let the artist sketch you;
  5. You will talk to John;
  6. You will get ceviche from the bar.

Only then will John show you an empty seat at the double table, right by the window.


On your table lies a wooden cane with decorative elements that needs to be examined to determine its owner. There are three points of interest: the gold handle, the pattern in the middle, and the gold symbol. After thoroughly examining the cane, you must discover its rightful owner.

To accomplish this task, you can question the guests who were present at the table. By selecting this task in the log, you will be able to speak with them. The receptionist can provide information about the cane\’s owner, but doing so will earn you the \”Poor Sportsmanship\” achievement. The woman standing at the bar can tell you that the man who owns the cane is a navy officer who has stepped outside for some fresh air.

After speaking with the officer, who can be found outside the hotel by the black metal fence to the left of the front door, you will learn that the owner of the cane has gone to the seance room. Once you have determined the owner\’s identity, you can head to the seance room, where Watson will be waiting for you.


1. What is the storyline of the \”Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: A Mother\’s Love\” game?

The storyline of \”Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: A Mother\’s Love\” game revolves around the young Sherlock Holmes and his partner in crime-solving, Jon. They are investigating a case related to a missing person, and their investigation leads them to the luxurious hotel on the island of Cordona. As they delve deeper into the case, they uncover secrets and conspiracies that threaten their lives.

2. How do I complete the hotel walkthrough in \”Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: A Mother\’s Love\” game?

Completing the hotel walkthrough in \”Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: A Mother\’s Love\” game requires you to solve various puzzles and clues hidden throughout the hotel. You need to interact with the hotel staff and guests, gather information, and use your deduction skills to progress through the game. Pay attention to the details and clues given to you, as they will help you solve the case. Use your inventory items wisely, and don\’t be afraid to backtrack and explore different areas of the hotel.

3. What are some tips for playing \”Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: A Mother\’s Love\” game?

Some tips for playing \”Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: A Mother\’s Love\” game include paying close attention to the details and conversations in the game, exploring every nook and cranny of the hotel, and using your deduction skills to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Use your inventory items wisely, and don\’t be afraid to ask for hints or backtrack if you get stuck. Keep an open mind and think outside of the box when trying to solve the case. Above all, have fun and enjoy the immersive storyline and gameplay of this exciting detective game.

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